European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)

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  • The European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO), was established in 1981 to advance the art, science and practice of surgery for the treatment of cancer. It does that by:

    • organising the biggest congress in surgical oncology in Europe;
    • unifying the surgical oncology community in a network of over 20.000 members (individuals and corporate);
    • providing education and training to both young and experienced surgeons through courses and e-learning activities;
    • publishing a monthly scientific Journal (EJSO-the Journal of Cancer Surgery);
    • partnering in specific projects and courses with other discipline and organ-based societies within ECCO-the European CanCer Organisation, of which ESSO is a founding member;
    • contributing to the development of the surgical oncology programme of the European Cancer Congress;
    • providing an attractive fellowship programme facilitating exchange of knowledge and continuing medical education;
    • offering specific opportunities for young cancer surgeons and cancer surgeons from developing countries to attend the ESSO Congress;
    • organising yearly, in co-operation with the European Board of Surgery, an examination in surgical oncology and in breast cancer surgery certifying the competence necessary for the treatment of cancer patients;
    • informing on educational and scientific opportunities via its newsletter and website;
    • supporting quality assurance projects towards the improvement of cancer care for all patients in Europe.


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