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    Since its foundation in 1971, the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) has dedicated itself to raising the profile of European Management Research with respect to other established scientific disciplines as well as the business world.

    EIASM’s mission is to enhance high quality in research and doctoral studies in management and related disciplines.

    This means that EIASM has the purpose:

    • to strengthen European management research in general
    • to encourage and facilitate the initiation and the co-​ordination of joint scientific research in management led by outstanding European researchers
    • to stimulate the interaction between management scholars in Europe
    • to enhance the development and the quality of doctoral student education in the field of management in Europe

    In order to fulfil its mission EIASM:

    • develops and sustains collaborative networks of European management scholars
    • organises conferences, seminars and workshops on both state-​of-​the-​art and path-​breaking scientific research
    • offers doctoral seminars and other activities to strengthen the education of a new generation of European management scholars

    EIASM — the European “Network of Networks for Researchers and Doctoral Students in Management”

    EIASM might best be described as the central node of a set of networks bringing together Management scholars from throughout Europe — as well as enabling communication between Europe and other parts of the world. The member associations supported by EIASM facilitate access to and entry into the most dynamic circles of Management scientists in Europe.

    EIASM’s network currently comprises more than 45.000 registered members professionally involved in Management research and/​or teaching.


    In 1995, the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management launched its institutional members’ network, EIASM’s Academic Council. The main purpose of this initiative was to enable closer ties with those institutions that gain from and contribute most to the activities of EIASM, as well as to offer a forum for the exchange of information between member institutions. Another incentive to formalising the institutional membership structure was to provide an ongoing means of financial support for the annual activities of EIASM (which is a not-​for-​profit organisation). On average, between 85 and 90 universities, research institutes or business schools are members of EIASM’s Academic Council, representing over 20 European countries.

    Benefits of Membership

    The main advantages of institutional membership to EIASM’s Academic Council are:

    • Acknowledgment as sponsor of EIASM
    • Join a network of distinguished schools and universities already members of the EIASM Academic Council
    • Use EIASM as the infrastructure/​vehicle in the quest of your “quality improvement ambitions” for your Faculty, Doctoral Students
    • Be invited to the annual members’ meeting
    • Phrase your opinions about and make suggestions for EIASM throughout the year. These will be taken into account by the EIASM Board and Management
    • Be eligible to the various bodies at EIASM (Board, Scientific committee, PDG)
    • Get access to an enormous network of management researchers and teachers (more than 45,000)
    • Get access to the activities at reduced rates (-20%)
    • Your PhD students are eligible for EIASM scholarships
    • Co-​organise activities with EIASM
    • Benefit from the EIASM experience in networking, conference organising, administering of European projects
    • Make use of the EIASM website to announce your job vacancies, and to offer your students a forum to announce their availability on the job market European-​wide.

    We at EIASM firmly believe that the outstanding reputation which the Institute enjoys throughout Europe, and indeed further afield, will advantageously benefit the institutional members who come together to support it, both academically and financially.

    How to join?

    The annual membership fee to our Academic Council has been set at 4.000,- €. Please use this form to apply online for a membership.


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