European Banking Center (EBC)

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  • Banking is high on the political agenda, ranging from how to address the fall out of the American subprime crisis, or the implications of the unique acquisition of the Dutch ABN AMRO. Central bank transparency has become the topic of a lively public and academic debate on monetary policy. In a globalizing world the competitive position of economies increasingly depends on banks' and regulators' capacity to achieve the technological, social, managerial and institutional innovations to foster stable financial systems and sustainable growth.

    EBC, the European Banking Center, is home to researchers who work on issues related to these debates. EBC is committed to building a strong network of excellent academic research and financial institutions, to stimulate research and debate in addressing the challenges and opportunities raised by banks, financial systems and regulators.

    EBC focuses on a research program with three essential areas of expertise:

    The core of EBC is formed by researchers from the Economics and Finance departments of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, and researchers from the Tilburg Law School and the Tilburg School of Humanities.


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