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    EAPRIL stands for European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (in education and professional practice). It is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law, governed by an Executive Board in cooperation with the EAPRIL office. EAPRIL tries to increase the impact of practice-based and applied educational research on educational policy . Its headquarters is located in Leuven (Belgium), close to Brussels being the centre of Europe.

    The founding members of EAPRIL have been involved in educational research andpractice and decided to organise the firts PBPR conferences, the European Practice-Based and Practitioner Research Conference on Learning and Instruction, in 2006. Due to their great success, the conferences have been organised annually since then.

    You can find EAPRIL introduction video's on YouTube

    EAPRIL is a sister organisation of EARLI which stands for 'European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction'.


    Becoming an EAPRIL member has a lot of advantages. EAPRIL can bring you into contact with European colleagues who are facing the same challenges. It will help you to find out what 'really works', what is only a hype and will soon fade away and what will have a long-term impact on education. EAPRIL is a young and dynamic organisation, open to new ideas and suggestions from its members. EAPRIL members receive a discount on the fee for EAPRIL conferences, have free access to the journals 'Vocations and Learning' and 'Education Research Review' and have free access to the EAPRIL e-platform where they can easily exchange papers, abstracts, presentations,... and have online discussions about it.

    Join us! Everybody can become a member. Many educational researchers, developers and practitioners have appreciated our EAPRIL Conferences. If you would like to attend one or our conferences in the future and if you feel that there is a strong need for practitioner research on improving learning, become a member of EAPRIL. Your support can help us to build a stronger network, take new initiatives and organise more relevant activities.

    EAPRIL Best Research and Practice Project Award

    The EAPRIL Best Research and Practice Project Award aims to recognise the best project in the field of practitioner research. If you are managing or taking part in a project which you think will contribute to the entire EAPRIL community, we encourage to submit your project!

    Mission Statement

    The nature of EAPRIL

    Within the context of initial and lifelong learning, the aim of EAPRIL is to develop and promote learning and professional development of individuals, teams, organizations and networks . EAPRIL wants to promote and develop educational and training practices in educational, business and professional contexts, including workplace learning. EAPRIL brings together practitioners, researchers and policy makers together in order to support Practice-Based research and its contribution to practice and theory.

    The association promotes practice-based research on learning in different contexts (such as HRD, consultancy and schools) and across fields (such as engineering, medicine, nursing, business and education) and at different levels (individuals, teams, organizations and networks).

    EAPRIL is unique by bringing together those interested in the crossroads between research & practice and professional learning & education.

    Nature of Inquiry

    EAPRIL is an international network for those involved in Practice-based research and Practitioner Research. EAPRIL's vision is that both academics and practitioners play an important role as researchers in the process of constructing shared knowledge and developing practice and theory.

    Practice-based research engages practitioners, researchers and policy makers in the research process as problem-definers, evidence gatherers, and interpreters. Practice-based research is represented in actionable knowledge that is disciplined by evidence.

    Practitioner research is located in the field of practice-based or applied research and focuses on research about and into their own professional practice.

    The members of the association

    Members are practitioner researchers, professional trainers, staff developers, learning consultants, people involved in organizational change, HR Developers, academics in the field of professional learning, teachers.


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