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  • With nearly 10,000 members, the European Association for Cancer Research, founded in 1968, is Europe’s largest member society for cancer research. The Association enjoys particularly strong links with other European cancer societies and is a founder member of the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO).

    EACR has always had one guiding aim ‘The advancement of cancer research’. In pursuing this aim, the Association provides services to members, presents educational, training and scientific meeting opportunities, and facilitates communication and collaboration between the cancer researchers who make up its membership. It also sets out to raise the profile of cancer research and cancer researchers in Europe and the need for sustained political and economic support.


    EACR travel fellowships, co-​funded by the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR), have become increasingly popular over the last two years and the quality of applications is particularly high. This has encouraged a steady increase in the available budget over recent years as the association has tried to support all high quality applications. Reports from fellowship winners are published in the EACR Annual Year Book each April and can be read by visitors to the EACR website. There is no doubt that a period of working in a new context, in a centre of excellence, is both powerful and of great encouragement to researchers.


    The Association also offers support and encouragement through Meeting Bursaries and Awards. Young researchers who have difficulty in securing funding to attend the EACR biennial congress or EACR Symposia are encouraged to apply for Meeting Bursaries. Poster Awards and Researcher Awards (Oral Presentations) are a feature of EACR congresses, and special conferences, and of meetings the Association sponsors.

    EACR’s most prestigious and valuable awards are the ‘Mike Price Gold Medal’ and ‘The Pezcoller Foundation — EACR Cancer Researcher Award’. The Mike Price Gold Medal is presented to a senior researcher who has made an exceptional contribution to cancer research in Europe; it will be presented for the first time at the EACR biennial congress in Barcelona 2012. ‘The Pezcoller Foundation — EACR Cancer Researcher Award’ is presented biennially at the EACR congress and celebrates academic excellence and achievements in the field of cancer research by a cancer researcher from European countries with no more than 15 years post doctoral experience.

    As a sponsoring agency, EACR also supports important scientific meetings and symposia organised in Europe, publicises the meetings and ultimately carries informative follow-​up reports in the Annual Year Book. The Association’s journal is the European Journal of Cancer (EJC).

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