Center for European Public Administration (CEPA)

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  • Excellence in Executive Education for the Public Sector in Europe

    The Center for European Public Administration (CEPA) at Danube University Krems is a central European competence center for public sector executives, which was established in July 2006. CEPA focuses on topics relevant to innovation and modernisation of public administration in an increasingly European and global environment. Research, education and consulting are to be equally represented.

    The main areas of research covered include: administrative reform, change management and innovation in public administration and related skills of public sector employees. The focus is on executive education and comparative analysis and exchange of good practice examples within the context of European integration.

    CEPA’s competence network aims to increase cooperation with research, training and educational institutions, political, administrative and economic bodies at a national and international level, by creating an international network consisting of experts, public sector organisations, academic and research institutions as well as international organisations and other networks of excellence in order to achieve its stated aims and objectives. Various strategic partnerships have already been launched with local and international institutions, programmes and experts.

    CEPA offers a Master of Public Administration (MPA) dedicated to innovative approaches to administrative modernisation focussing on European integration and globalisation of public service, public sector reforms and change programmes and technology and innovation in public administration.

    In addition, CEPA offers based on the curriculum developed for the MPA, short-term University courses as well as customised training courses for regional, local and central and governments in cooperation with its network of experts and (co-)organises a number of conferences and workshops in this field.

    One of CEPAs flagship projects is the European eGovernment Awards Programme within the framework of the European i2010 inititative.

    CEPA’s present staff has successfully published a number of research reports and articles as well as carried out workshops, seminars and projects related to the following areas:

    • ICT use in public administration and health (eGovernment and eHealth)
    • Participation, inclusion and accessibility (eDemocracy)
    • Interoperability
    • Future research agendas
    • Leadership skills required in eGovernment projects
    • European Awards for innovation in public administration and the health care sector


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