Danube University Krems

  • Description
  • Mission Statement

    Lifetime Learning.

    Danube University Krems is facing up to the social challenge of lifetime learning: established in 1995 it is still the only university in Europe that has specialised in postgraduate continuing education. Enthusiasm for the qualified and innovative involvement with the complex social, organisational and technical challenges presented by our society in the new Europe is what motivates the students, the teaching staff and everyone else working at Danube University Krems.

    Our USPs

    • Singular experience in academic continuing education throughout Europe
    • Focus on job-​related and personal requirements of students
    • Scientific basis
    • Practice-​oriented education and research
    • Internationality
    • Interdisciplinarity

    Research & Consulting

    Research which can be applied in teaching, but also in economically useful products and services, is part of the work being done at Danube University Krems.

    The fields of research are

    • biomedical technology
    • building and environment
    • clinical epidemiology
    • continuing education
    • European integration
    • image science: digitalisation and European iconography
    • information and knowledge engineering
    • knowledge and communication management
    • management and economics
    • new technologies in dentistry
    • new learning architectures
    • psychosocial medicine and psychotherapy
    • regenerative medicine
    • usability

    For moredetailed information please visit the German version of this webpage.


    Website donau-uni.ac.at
    Phone +43.2732.893-6000

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