Concordia University's Art History Graduate Student Association (AHGSA)

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    Concordia University’s Art History Graduate Student Association (AHGSA) endeavours to enhance the academic life of all graduate students involved in the study of art. Aside from promoting the research of students enrolled in the Art History, Humanities, and Special Individualized programs, AHGSA organizes social and academic events that foster dialogue and contribute to the development of its members’ graduate studies. AHGSA also provides a voice for its membership by sitting on various departmental committees.

    AHGSA is supported by Concordia’s Graduate Students’ Association and the Department of Art History.

    One of AHGSA’s principal activities is the organization of an annual graduate student conference. The two-day conference is usually held in mid-March and features a keynote speaker. Recent conferences included:

    • Shifting Borders: on the notion of borders within visual culture;
    • Charged Circuits: Questioning International Exhibition Practices, on the proliferation of international exhibitions and their growing influence on the discipline of art history;
    • Writing between the Lines: Art and its Historians, on the roles, opportunities, and quandaries of those involved in writing art history.


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