Center for Research and Telecommunication Experimentation for Networked Communities (CREATE-NET)

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  • The operational management of CREATE-NET research, scientific, funding and administrative activities is directed by the Center's Area Heads and Executive staff, reporting to the President, the General Assembly and the Technical Scientific Committee (TSC).

    CREATE-NET’s core research focuses on three areas – eNTIRE, iNSPIRE, and UBiNT – working complementarily and in synergy.

    With an approach that embraces network technologies, algorithms and user aspects, eNTIRE’s focus is on the dynamic control and management of core and access network resources. iNSPIRE focuses on technologies, algorithms and methods for the design and the management of emerging and unconventional wireless networks. With a user-centric perspective, UBiNT’s research field is on interaction design and innovative methodologies and technologies enabling smart interaction.


    CREATE-NET’s research goals are a combination of emerging scientific themes within the context of ICT technologies, innovative services that they enable, and their impact on society.

    ENGINE, with the responsibility of engineering and prototyping provides support to the research areas, transferring their results into solutions for real-life applications.

    INNOVATION, the newest of CREATE-NET’s initiatives, complements the focus on key application domains – Green Tech, Well-Being, Interactive & Mobile Social Media - that integrate CREATE-NET’s technological research areas, with the goal of incubating start-ups.



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