Faculty of Agriculture

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    Raising the quality of agricultural education faculty to achieve excellence and quality with the student‘s ability to promote self-learning and applied scientific research that aims to be a College.

    Source talent from graduates and researchers who are able to compete regionally and globally and shareholders in achieving sustainable development and a center for scientific and technical radiation serves the agricultural sector and develop the environment.



    The preparation of specialists in various areas of agricultural sciences are able to self-learning and scientifically and practically qualified to compete in the labor market and applied scientific research that contribute effectively in achieving the state's plan for agricultural development with the revitalization of the positive interaction between faculty and community, locally and regionally to serve the agricultural sector and the development of the environment, within the framework of behavioral stems from the principles of transparency, integrity and commitment to equal opportunities and outstanding performance and continuous improvement.


    Strategic Objectives

    1. Graduation agricultural engineers have the scientific capabilities and skills that qualify them to compete with the labor market and able to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector Arab Republic of Egypt.

    2. Setup the scientific, intellectual and personal integrated faculty member and researcher creative and innovative in accordance with specifications and regulations and terms of reference the world.

    3. The recruitment plans of scientific research to contribute to the overall development of the agricultural sector and solve problems and improving the environment.

    1. Developing the physical capabilities and infrastructure.

    2. Effective management with the purification and the rationalization and development of the business climate and commitment to quality output of the various educational, research and professional standards guided by the College authorities and the world.

    3. Keep up with progress and global developments in scientific knowledge and techniques of agricultural technologies while maximizing employment applications in the development of the farming community and its institutions, and encouraged to continue self-learning at the individual, collective and institutional training programs and community services.



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