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  • Mis­sion State­ment and Goals

    The mis­sion of the Depart­ment of Eng­lish is to cul­ti­vate an under­stand­ing of the Eng­lish lan­guage and its lit­er­a­ture that pre­pares stu­dents for aca­d­e­mic and pro­fes­sional success.The department’s pro­grams expand stu­dents’ under­stand­ing of the com­plex­i­ties of var­i­ous cul­tures and their global inter­ac­tions and pre­pare stu­dents for fur­ther stud­ies in the art, human­i­ties or social stud­ies. The Depart­ment of Eng­lish also con­tributes to the university’s gen­eral edu­ca­tion require­ments by offer­ing a range of under­grad­u­ate courses.

    The depart­ment offers a Bach­e­lor of Arts degree in Eng­lish with con­cen­tra­tions in lan­guage or lit­er­a­ture and minors in Eng­lish Lan­guage and in Eng­lish Lit­er­a­ture. The depart­ment also offers a Mas­ter of Arts in TESOL program.

    The goals of the Depart­ment of Eng­lish are

    • Enhance stu­dents’ oral and writ­ten com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills
    • Develop stu­dents’ abil­ity to use Eng­lish flu­ently and accurately
    • Increase stu­dents’ Eng­lish pro­fi­ciency in a vari­ety of media, gen­res and contexts
    • Pre­pare stu­dents to think crit­i­cally and to view and ana­lyze infor­ma­tion objec­tively as well as subjectively
    • Develop stu­dents’ abil­ity to syn­the­size infor­ma­tion from a vari­ety of dis­ci­plines in order to fos­ter inde­pen­dent thought and cre­ative ideas

    Career Opportunities

    Stu­dents who major in Eng­lish can pur­sue a vari­ety of careers upon grad­u­a­tion includ­ing teach­ing, cre­ative writ­ing, writing/​editing, pub­lish­ing, trans­la­tion, adver­tis­ing, diplo­macy and, education


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