American Political Science Association (APSA)

  • Description
  • The Amer­i­can Polit­i­cal Sci­ence Asso­ci­a­tion, founded in 1903, is the lead­ing pro­fes­sional orga­ni­za­tion for the study of polit­i­cal sci­ence and serves more than 15,000 mem­bers in over 80 coun­tries. With a range of pro­grams and ser­vices for indi­vid­u­als, depart­ments and insti­tu­tions, APSA brings together polit­i­cal sci­en­tists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occu­pa­tional endeav­ors within and out­side acad­eme in order to expand aware­ness and under­stand­ing of politics.

    Core Objectives

    As the lead­ing pro­fes­sional orga­ni­za­tion for the study of polit­i­cal sci­ence, APSA focuses on the fol­low­ing core objectives:

    • Pro­mot­ing schol­arly research and com­mu­ni­ca­tion, domes­ti­cally and internationally.
    • Pro­mot­ing high qual­ity teach­ing and edu­ca­tion about pol­i­tics and government.
    • Diver­si­fy­ing the pro­fes­sion and rep­re­sent­ing its diversity.
    • Increas­ing aca­d­e­mic and non-​academic oppor­tu­ni­ties for members.
    • Strength­en­ing the pro­fes­sional envi­ron­ment for polit­i­cal science.
    • Rep­re­sent­ing the pro­fes­sional inter­ests of polit­i­cal scientists.
    • Defend­ing the legit­i­macy of schol­arly research into pol­i­tics and government.
    • Rec­og­niz­ing out­stand­ing work in the discipline.
    • Encour­ag­ing the appli­ca­tion of rig­or­ous eth­i­cal and intel­lec­tual stan­dards in the profession.
    • Serv­ing the pub­lic, includ­ing dis­sem­i­nat­ing research and prepar­ing cit­i­zens to be effec­tive cit­i­zens and polit­i­cal participants.

    Awards — Rec­og­niz­ing Excel­lence in the Profession

    Rec­og­niz­ing excel­lence in the pro­fes­sion is one of the most impor­tant activ­i­ties of the Amer­i­can Polit­i­cal Sci­ence Asso­ci­a­tion. To this end, the Asso­ci­a­tion has estab­lished a num­ber of awards cov­er­ing such areas as dis­ser­ta­tions, papers and arti­cles, books and career achieve­ment. In addi­tion to the APSA awards, the APSA orga­nized sec­tions also present over 100 awards at every Annual Meet­ing to rec­og­nize impor­tant research and con­tri­bu­tions to the profession.

    APSA and the orga­nized sec­tions present these awards the Association’s Annual Meet­ing. Through the years these awards have played an impor­tant role in the schol­ar­ship and careers of their recipients.

    Descrip­tions and Nom­i­na­tion Information

    Nom­i­na­tions for awards to be pre­sented at the next Annual Meet­ing are accepted through­out the year. For descrip­tion of the var­i­ous awards and nom­i­na­tion infor­ma­tion, fol­low the links below:


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