XXII World Congress on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders (IAPRD) 2017 Vietnam

  • Conference Call
  • On behalf of the Board of the Inter­na­tional Asso­ci­a­tion of Parkin­son­ism and Related Dis­or­ders (IAPRD), it is our plea­sure to invite all of you to join us dur­ing the upcom­ing bien­nial XXII World Con­gress on Parkinson’s Dis­ease and Related Dis­or­ders tak­ing place on Novem­ber 1215, 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet­nam.

    The motto of this Con­gress is “Two Cen­turies of Move­ment Dis­or­ders: Trans­for­ma­tion of Clin­i­cal Care”. True to the over­ar­ch­ing mis­sion of our orga­ni­za­tion, we strive to cre­ate a milieu for the free exchange of knowl­edge, to bridge the divide between basic sci­ence and clin­i­cal care, and to forge the future by coa­lesc­ing an under­stand­ing of the eti­ol­ogy and patho­phys­i­ol­ogy with treat­ment of the man­i­fold motor and behav­ioral fea­tures of these dis­or­ders. It is our hope that this Con­gress facil­i­tates the global shar­ing of ther­a­peu­tic strate­gies to enhance the qual­ity of life of patients’ world­wide suf­fer­ing from move­ment dis­or­ders. This Con­gress aspires to reach this goal by bring­ing together a diverse, equi-​gender, inter­na­tional fac­ulty of dynamic sci­en­tists, sea­soned clin­i­cians, and ded­i­cated allied health experts.

    Con­firmed Sessions

    Melvin Yahr Lecture

    “The 200 Year Jour­ney of Parkin­son Dis­ease: Reflect­ing on the Past and Look­ing Towards the Future”: Deep Brain Stim­u­la­tion Surgery in Move­ment Dis­or­ders: Lessons From The Last 3 Decades

    Ple­nary Sessions

    • Can Bio­mark­ers Lead Us to Under­stand­ing and Con­quer­ing Parkin­son Dis­ease?
      • Unlock­ing the Mys­tery of Bio­mark­ers: A Brief Intro­duc­tion, Its Chal­lenges and Oppor­tu­ni­ties in Parkin­son Disease
      • How Bio­mark­ers Are Uncov­er­ing the Pre-​Motor Stage of Parkin­son Disease
      • The Emerg­ing Role of Bio­mark­ers in Dog­ni­tion and Behav­ior in Parkin­son Disease
    • When Light­ning Strikes Twice: Find­ing the Bal­ance between Motor and Behav­ior in 3 Com­plex Move­ment Dis­or­ders
      • Hunt­ing­ton Dis­ease: What We Have Learned Since the Gene was Discovered
      • The Col­or­ful Spec­trum of Tourette Syn­drome and Its Med­ical, Sur­gi­cal and Behav­ioral Therapies
      • The Most Promis­ing Advances in our Under­stand­ing and Treat­ment of Psy­chogenic Move­ment Disorders
    • Under­stand­ing the Com­plex Web of Cog­ni­tive Dys­func­tion and Move­ment Dis­or­ders
      • The Spec­trum of Mild Cog­ni­tive Impair­ment to Demen­tia in Parkin­son Disease
      • Untan­gling the Tauopathies
      • A Clin­i­cal and Patho­log­i­cal Reap­praisal of the Amyloidopathies
    • The Treat­ment of Parkin­son Dis­ease: 200 Years Later
      • Phar­ma­co­log­i­cal Advances in Parkin­son Treatment
      • The Cur­rent State of Func­tional Neu­ro­sur­gi­cal Ther­apy in Parkin­son Disease
      • The Most Promis­ing Alter­na­tive Ther­a­pies for Parkin­son Disease
    • Revis­it­ing the Clas­si­cal Motor Dis­or­ders Impact­ing the Globe
      • Parkin­son­ism: Then and Now
      • Dys­to­nia: Then and Now
      • Tremor: Then and Now

    Phở” Hot Topics

    • Focus­ing on Gut Micro­biota
      • Past: His­tor­i­cal Overview and the Pathol­ogy of Gas­troin­testi­nal Dys­func­tions in Parkin­son Disease
      • Present: What We Have Learned from Gas­troin­testi­nal Biopsy Stud­ies in Parkin­son Disease?
      • Future Per­spec­tives: The Enteric Glia, Small Intesti­nal Bac­te­r­ial Over­growth, and Micro­biota in Parkin­son Disease
    • Focus­ing on Genet­ics and Imag­ing in Move­ment Dis­or­ders
      • The Promise of Gene Based Tech­nol­ogy in Move­ment Disorders
      • The Most Rel­e­vant Advances in Genetic Test­ing in Move­ment Disorders
      • Imag­ing Tech­niques That are Lead­ing the Way in Under­stand­ing Move­ment Disorders
    • Focus­ing on New Tar­gets for Ther­apy
      • Spot­light on Glucocerebrosidase
      • Spot­light on Glucagon-​Like Peptide
      • Spot­light on the Alpha Synu­clein Antibodies
    • Focus­ing on the Mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary Approach to Parkin­son Dis­ease and Other Move­ment Dis­or­ders
      • Run, Pedal, Stretch: The Inevitable Role of Reha­bil­i­ta­tion and Exer­cise in Parkin­son Disease
      • Bed­time Sto­ries: Address­ing Sex­ual Dys­func­tion in Move­ment Disorders
      • Vit­a­mins and Min­er­als: How Nutri­tion Can Change our Approach to Parkin­son Disease

    Skills Workshop

    • Deep Brain Stim­u­la­tion Surgery
      • The Ideal Patient for Deep Brain Stim­u­la­tion Surgery
      • Pearls and Pit­falls in Deep Brain Stim­u­la­tion Programming
      • Man­ag­ing Com­pli­ca­tions in Deep Brain Stimulation
    • Bot­u­linum Toxin Injec­tions
      • Ble­pharospasm, Hemi­fa­cial Spasm and Jaw Dystonia
      • Cer­vi­cal Dystonia
      • Limb Dys­to­nia and Spasticity

    For more details on Par­al­lel Ses­sions, Edu­ca­tional Ses­sions, etc. please see the daily agenda


    On behalf of the IAPRD we invite you to sub­mit up to two abstracts as pre­sen­ter for an oral com­mu­ni­ca­tion or poster. All accepted abstracts will be pub­lished in the sub­mit­ted format.

    All ple­nary and invited speak­ers are also kindly asked to sub­mit their abstracts.

    Abstract Categories

    • Basic Neu­ro­science
    • Imag­ing, Genet­ics, and Biomarkers
    • Deep Brain Stim­u­la­tion and Func­tional Neurosurgery
    • Parkin­son Disease
    • Other Parkin­son­ism Disorders
    • Behav­ior and Cognition
    • Dys­to­nia
    • Tremors
    • Choreas
    • Atax­ias
    • Tics and/​or Myoclonus
    • Gait
    • Other Move­ment Disorders
    • Pedi­atric Move­ment Disorders

    Travel Grants

    Con­gress Travel Awards are spon­sored by both the Inter­na­tional Asso­ci­a­tion of Parkin­son­ism and Related Dis­or­ders and the Melvin Yahr Inter­na­tional Parkinson’s Dis­ease Foun­da­tion. The awards are aimed at pro­mot­ing par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Con­gress by young researchers world­wide, under the age of 35.

    Two lev­els of travel grants are available:

    CME credits

    The XXII World Con­gress on Parkinson’s Dis­ease and Related Dis­or­ders will be accred­ited by the Euro­pean Accred­i­ta­tion Coun­cil for Con­tin­u­ing Med­ical Edu­ca­tion (EACCME).


    Pres­i­dent of the Inter­na­tional Asso­ci­a­tion of Parkin­son­ism and Related Dis­or­ders and Con­gress Chair:

    • Daniel Truong, M.D – The Parkin­son and Move­ment Dis­or­der Institute

    Sci­en­tific Pro­gram Exec­u­tive Committee

    • Chair: Hubert Fer­nan­dez (USA)
    • Angelo Antonini (Italy)
    • Ted Daw­son (USA)
    • Kazuko Hasegawa (Japan)
    • Daniel Truong (USA)
    • Erik Ch. Wolters (The Netherlands)

    Con­gress Pro­ceed­ings Committee

    • Chair: Zbig­niew K, Wszolek (USA)
    • Vin­cenzo Boni­fati (The Netherlands)
    • Susan Calne (Canada)
    • Jonathan Carr (South Africa)
    • Le Minh (Vietnam)
    • Ronald Pfeif­fer (USA)
    • Robert Rod­nitzky (USA)
    • Eng-​King Tan (Singapore)
    • Daniel Truong (USA)

    Sci­en­tific Pro­gram Committee

    • Chair: Elena Moro (France)
    • Co-​chair: Fab­rizio Stoc­chi (Italy)
    • Roon­groj Bhi­dayasiri (Thailand)
    • Alberto Albanese (Italy)
    • Jean-​Philippe Azu­lay (France)
    • Alim Louis Ben­abid (France)
    • Kalyan­brata Bhat­tacharyya (India)
    • Rupam Bor­go­hain (India)
    • David J. Brooks (UK)
    • Huifang Shang (China)
    • K Ray Chaud­huri (UK)
    • Shendi Chen (China)
    • Kelvin L. Chou (USA)
    • Sun Ju Chung (Korea)
    • Carlo Colosimo (Italy)
    • Cindy Comella (USA)
    • Dirk Dressler (Germany)
    • Alberto J. Espay (USA)
    • Alfonso Fasano (Italy)
    • Karen Frei (USA)
    • Eti­enne Hirsch (France)
    • Takeshi Ikeuchi (Japan)
    • Stu­art Isaac­son (USA)
    • Ioan­nis Isa­ias (Germany)
    • Beom­seok Jeon (Korea)
    • Saltanat Kamen­ova (Kazakhstan)
    • Prakash Kumar (Singapore)
    • Joachim Kurt Krauss (Germany)
    • Mark F. Lew (USA)
    • Élan D. Louis (USA)
    • Ail­ton Melo (Brazil)
    • Ruk­mini Mridula (India)
    • Thomas Müller (Germany)
    • Rajesh Pahwa (USA)
    • Pramod Pal (India)
    • Gianni Pez­zoli (Italy)
    • Andreas Puschmann (Sweden)
    • Gul­nora Rakhim­baeva (Uzbekistan)
    • Maja Relja (Croatia)
    • Owen A. Ross (USA)
    • Jan Roth (Czech Republic)
    • Huifang Shang (China)
    • David K. Simon (USA)
    • Tanya Simuni (USA)
    • Car­los Singer (USA)
    • Maria Stamelou (Greece)
    • Michele Tagliati (USA)
    • Diego Tor­res (USA)
    • Francesc Vallde­o­ri­ola (Spain)
    • Gre­gor Wen­ning (Austria)
    • Yih-​Ru Wu (Taiwan)
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