Workshop on Green Transport Revolution for the 21st Century

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  • The Green Economics Institute (GEI) is working with John Stewart, Sunday Times Transport campaigner of the year and a member of the Green Economics Institute to create a workshop for creating a wave of change in transport policy and use.

    Private and Public transport: Walking, Cars, Buses, Ships, Bikes, Trains, Coaches, New forms of Pod Personal Transport, Car Sharing, Aviation. New forms of ownership and participation in transport.

    The workshop will take place at the Reading International Solidarity Center (RISC), Reading, United Kingdom on November 19, 2012.

    Conference Topics

    • The contribution of transport to Green House Gasses and the political economy of transport policy and its role in and contribution to the economy around the world will be examined.
    • The characteristics of trains in the 21st and 22nd centuries and the problem of hi speed rail and its effects on people and the environment and the economy sucking in resources which could be spent on more rail infrastructure benefiting more people. The railways are fast becoming a rich mens playground, with huge fare rises threatening to stop everyone else being able to afford to use them.
    • Slow travel and the delights of overland travel! Passenger and transport safety in the wake of several high profile coach crashes.
    • Safer cycling and point to point journeys, and resurrecting the art of walking and more parks under threat from new planning policies.

    The Discussion focuses on how to change the way we move around and how better planning can avoid journeys. We should use less private transport and use more public transport. Innovation for Green Transport: replacing our over dependence and addiction to oil, encouraging the creation and use of more public transport.

    Conference Theme

    The true costs of current transport policy and interest groups and lobbying which skews transport policy and increases the cost rewarding activities in the economy which accelerate climate change and increase externalities making the rest of society pay for them. Also there is health costs of current transport policies.

    As the government revs up to create yet more airports, we discuss the alternatives and why this process blights whole communities and how this contributes to further runaway climate change.

    Publication Opportunity

    All conference attenders will be invited to write in our forthcoming book which will feature chapters and voices from transport experts, users, campaigners, economists, greens and policy makers from all around the world as an outcome of the conference. The Green Transport Revolution for the 21st Century, Edited by John Stewart and Miriam Kennet is our new book project which will be part of our Green Economics Handbook Series.

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