Why Music? Is Music different from the other Arts?

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  • The ideas for our 2011 Conference, Why Music? Is Music Different from the Other Arts? and much of its detail are the work of Professor Michael Trimble, who will lead the Conference. The image (cover page), chosen to illlustrate the enigma explored during the Conference, is part of a fresco by Raphael in which Apollo, centre-stage, plays on his lyre, before the nine muses, who represent all the arts, thus proposing the ascendency of music.

    Who should attend? Musicians, scientists, medical professionals, therapists, teachers, researchers, music lovers, artists, composers, writers, thinkers… in fact anyone with an interest in Arts, Science & the Mind!


    • Introduction – Professor Michael Trimble
    • Can there be a Science of Musical Understanding? – Professor Roger Scruton
    • The Neurohistory of Art: How Neuroscience Illuminates Individual Inspiration – Professor John Onians
    • What Classical Musicians Can Learn from Other Arts on How to Build Audiences – Professor John Sloboda
    • The Purpose of Art and the Role of Music in Therapy – Professor Ray Tallis and Professor Nigel Osborne
    • Can Music Portray Happiness and Sadness? – Stephen Johnson with Ian Ritchie, Ian Brown and the Sacconi Quartet
    • Debate and Open Forum: Neuroimaging is Important to our Understanding of Aesthetics and our Responses to Art
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