Translation and Interpretation in the Age of Globalization: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

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  • Fourth International Anniversary Conference

    1630 Years since the Vulgata (St. Jerome's translation of the Bible), and 60 Years since the Creation of the Association for Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics in the US

    The aim of the conference is to both look back in history and re-assess important moments in the development of translation studies, and to give an overview of the situation today and the possible guidelines for tomorrow. By giving our tribute to these two so different moments in the history of translation, St. Jerome's translation and the creation of the first association for machine translation, we express our "conference policy" of inclusion and encourage contributions from scholars in all fields in which translation and interpretation are relevant. Thus, we expect papers from the domains of linguistics and translation studies, literature, science, psychology, philosophy, theology, the arts, and others.

    In this age in which multi/interdisciplinarity is more and more emphasized, we think that it is important for scholars of various fields to come together and share their thoughts related to the theory, methodology and practice of translation in their respective domains of interest. Discussions on translation have been rather vast in the previous years, ranging from issues of general translation theory, specific theories for literary and non-literary translation, to very specialized translations and interpretation, from the assumptions related to the translatability of texts to the hermeneutics of translation within such contexts as the didactics of translation, culture and postcolonial studies, cognitive linguistics, empirical research and corpus studies, to name just a few. Globalization, the bringing together of "centres and margins", of "small cultures and big cultures", and the melting down of borders of all kinds means that translation and interpretation will gain even more importance in the future, and will have a very important role.

    Conference Topics

    We encourage contributions on the following themes

    • evaluation and revaluation of important moments in the history of translation (both as theory and practice)
    • literary and non-literary translation in view of globalization
    • computer assisted translation tools
    • the hermeneutics of translation within the context of the future developments of translation studies
    • an interdisciplinary view on the importance of translations in the past and in the future
    • translation and interpretation as a means for crossing borders (geographical, political, cultural, etc.)
    • translation as part of the complex relations between East and West, North and South
    • teaching translation and interpretation at an academic level.

    The Department of Philology and Cultural Studies looks forward to welcoming you in Baia Mare, Romania. We suggest that we take a step back and look into the past, to understand the present and anticipate the future.

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