Translata II - 2nd International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies 2014: Translation in Theory and Practice

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  • TRANS­LATA II is the sec­ond in a series of tri­en­nial con­fer­ences on Trans­la­tion and Inter­pret­ing Stud­ies at the Uni­ver­sity of Inns­bruck (UIBK) and will take place on Octo­ber 30 – Novem­ber 1, 2014 in Inns­bruck, Aus­tria. Due to the over­whelm­ing response from par­tic­i­pants across the world when it was launched in 2011, TRANS­LATA has already emerged as one of the largest inter­na­tional con­fer­ences in its field.

    TRANS­LATA is con­cep­tu­al­ized as a forum for basic research in trans­la­tol­ogy, whose aim it is to refo­cus on trans­la­tion proper (= pro­fes­sional trans­la­tion and inter­pret­ing) as the core object of study. In this age of con­stant par­a­dig­matic changes, research in Trans­la­tion Stud­ies has tended to deal with any­thing but trans­la­tion. Accord­ingly, TRANS­LATA – open­ness to inter­dis­ci­pli­nary per­spec­tives notwith­stand­ing – seeks to retrieve trans­la­tion proper as the main object of study within Trans­la­tion Studies.

    TRANS­LATA is an emphat­i­cally mul­ti­lin­gual event: rather than sub­scrib­ing to the uni­for­mity of “Eng­lish only” gath­er­ings, this con­fer­ence is open to a wide vari­ety of work­ing lan­guages and presentations.

    For the first time, TRANS­LATA II is going to be accom­pa­nied by pre­sen­ta­tions by noted providers from the trans­la­tion indus­try who will demon­strate their lat­est devel­op­ments in the field of machine trans­la­tion and other trans­la­tion technologies.

    The pre­sen­ta­tion and exchange of new ideas and research out­comes aims to deepen our under­stand­ing of trans­la­tion, to opti­mise trans­la­tor and inter­preter train­ing, to improve trans­la­tion man­age­ment as well as to enhance the avail­able con­cep­tual tools for assess­ing trans­la­tion quality.

    After the great suc­cess of TRANS­LATA I, the Uni­ver­sity of Inns­bruck is now host­ing TRANS­LATA II in order to fur­ther advance basic research into trans­la­tion and inter­pret­ing by cre­at­ing a broad inter­na­tional dis­cus­sion forum for expe­ri­enced and emerg­ing researchers, teach­ers, as well as pro­fes­sional trans­la­tors and inter­preters. As was the case with TRANS­LATA I, the pro­ceed­ings of TRANS­LATA II, includ­ing the work­shops, will be pub­lished in the Peter Lang series, “Forum Translationswissenschaft”.

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    By organ­is­ing the TRANS­LATA II, enti­tled “Trans­la­tion in The­ory and Prac­tice”, the Depart­ment of Trans­la­tion Stud­ies at the Uni­ver­sity of Inns­bruck wishes to offer all those who deal with trans­la­tion the­o­ret­i­cally, prac­ti­cally, didac­ti­cally and com­mer­cially a shared forum for exchange on the fol­low­ing ques­tions and problems:

    • New devel­op­ments regard­ing the prac­tice of trans­la­tion and its markets
    • What are the main chal­lenges and prob­lems that arise from these new developments?
    • Should trans­la­tion the­ory take account of the prac­tice of trans­la­tion at all? What is the actual rela­tion­ship between the­ory and practice?
    • The ALPAC report and the present-​day increas­ing use machine translation
    • The role of new infor­ma­tion and com­mu­ni­ca­tion tech­nolo­gies and dig­i­tal human­i­ties in Trans­la­tion Stud­ies and trans­la­tion practice
    • Has trans­la­tor and inter­preter train­ing missed the boat on the dig­i­tal age?
    • What char­ac­terises the devel­op­ment of Trans­la­tion Stud­ies in recent decades?
    • What are the core ques­tions, main con­cepts and the object of study in Trans­la­tion Studies?
    • Trans­la­tion qual­ity and its def­i­n­i­tion within the triad of trans­la­tion prac­tice – trans­la­tion the­ory – trans­la­tion quality
    • How can the core sub­ject of Trans­la­tion Stud­ies, i.e. trans­la­tion, be defined? What role does equiv­a­lence play in this context?
    • Dif­fer­ences and sim­i­lar­i­ties between dif­fer­ent types of translation
    • New approaches and so-​called par­a­dig­matic shifts in Trans­la­tion Studies
    • What role does inter­dis­ci­pli­nar­ity play in Trans­la­tion Studies?
    • Which dis­ci­plines are the main (inter)disciplinary allies of Trans­la­tion Studies?
    • Are linguistics-​based Trans­la­tion Stud­ies out­dated? If so, why?

    The work­ing lan­guage of the con­fer­ence will be Ger­man, but papers are also wel­come in Eng­lish, French, Ital­ian, Russ­ian and Span­ish. Par­tic­i­pa­tion is open to schol­ars, stu­dents and teach­ers in the field of Trans­la­tion Stud­ies, as well as to trans­la­tors, trans­la­tion com­pa­nies, inter­preters, lin­guists, ter­mi­nol­o­gists, pub­lish­ers, etc. The pro­ceed­ings of TRANS­LATA I were pub­lished by Peter Lang in the series “Forum Trans­la­tion­swis­senschaft” (vols. 15 & 16).


    Apart from par­al­lel ses­sions, TRANS­LATA II also hosts three work­shops, for which sep­a­rate Calls for Par­tic­i­pa­tion are available:

    Ple­nary Speakers

    • Edwin Gent­zler (Uni­ver­sity of Mass­a­chu­setts Amherst)
    • Gyde Hansen (Copen­hagen Busi­ness School)
    • Lew N. Zyba­tow (Uni­ver­sity of Innsbruck)

    Awards /​Prizes

    For the first time TRANS­LATA II is going to award a prize for the best three pre­sen­ta­tions by PhD stu­dents. Appli­cants are requested to give notice of their wish to take part in the com­pe­ti­tion when reg­is­ter­ing for the conference.

    Sci­en­tific Committee

    • Pius ten Hacken
    • Gyde Hansen
    • Juliane House
    • Anna Mał­gorzewicz
    • Alena Petrova
    • Wolf­gang Pöckl
    • Alessan­dra Riccardi
    • Peter San­drini
    • Andy Stauder
    • Michael Ustaszewski
    • Ste­fanos Vlachopoulos
    • Lew Zyba­tow

    Organ­is­ing Committee

    • Ver­ena Falkner-​Schumacher
    • David Galvin
    • Alena Petrova
    • Astrid Schmid­hofer
    • Andy Stauder
    • Beate Stein­hauser
    • Michael Ustaszewski
    • Katha­rina Walter
    • Lew Zyba­tow
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