TIIKM 1st Annual World Conference on Media and Mass Communication (MEDCOM) 2015

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  • Mass media is seen in nearly every facet of our daily lives and technology is constantly altering the way we live. TIIKM’s 1st Annual World Conference on Media & Mass Communication (MEDCOM) will bring together researchers, educators, practitioners, and policy makers to share their knowledge and experience with one another. The conference will be held on April 9 – 10, 2015 in Beijing, China.

    The Media-​2015 program will include keynote presentations from experts in their related fields, interactive presentations, case studies, and will also provide the opportunity to share research, ideas, and develop working relationships. Social events will include a networking dinner and post conference tours to the Great Wall and Forbidden City.

    Conference Theme

    The technology boom that has been felt around the world has forever changed communication as we know it and has greatly impacted our personal and professional lives.Presently, the media as a vehicle of social change influence appearance, language, family, status, politics, and religion.

    Certain differences exist between information, entertainment, and communication in today’s society, particularly in relation to mass media. These various media interactions have converged in our current society in a number of ways and have impacted social relations through the way we communicate with one another.Educational implications require an understanding of the complex world through interdisciplinary scholarship, critical viewing, new values, and an examination of the impact of the mass media.

    With all the new technology, digital tools and connectivity, one of the most interesting fall outs has been the intensification of social connections… connecting the world as a single place, and creating a greater awareness of opinion, bias,and raw news. The intersection of globalization, communication, and journalism defines an important and growing field of research, particularly concerning the public sphere and spaces for political discourse.

    Keynote Speakers

    • Prof. Gary E. Swanson – Mildred S. Hansen Endowed Chair and Distinguished Journalist-​in-​Residence, University of Northern Colorado, USA
    • Prof. Thomas G. Endres – USA
    • Prof. James A. Keaten earned – Chief Science Officer, Ideal Dialogue Company, USA

    Conference Topics

    Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

    • Advertising
    • Alternative and Community Media
    • Asian Perspectives on Communication
    • Business Communication
    • Communication and Culture
    • Communication and Democracy
    • Communication and Multi-​Media Campaigns
    • Communication Arts and Sciences
    • Communication Policy and Regulation
    • Communication Technology and Digital Media
    • Communication Theory and Methodology
    • Communications
    • Contemporary Theatre and Performance
    • Corporate Identity and Branding
    • Critical and Cultural Studies, Youth, Gender and Communication
    • Digital Communication, Regulation and Social Action
    • Disaster Coverage in the Media
    • Documentary and Propaganda Film
    • Film Studies
    • Global Networks
    • History
    • Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Interdisciplinary
    • International and Global Communication
    • Journalism
    • Journalism Research and Education
    • Law and Policy
    • Magazine
    • Mass Communication
    • Mass Communication History
    • Mass Communication, Society and Globalization
    • Media and Democracy
    • Media and Entertainment
    • Media and Globalization
    • Media and Sport (also, Olympics Coverage)
    • Media Audiences
    • Media Education
    • Media Education Research
    • Media Ethics (also, Copyright and Intellectual Property)
    • Media Industry Trends and Dynamics
    • Media Law and Regulation
    • Media Management and Economics
    • Media Regulation and Policy
    • Media, Climate Change and Environmental Studies
    • Media, Information and Communication Literacy
    • Media, Religion and Culture
    • Music
    • New Technologies and Innovation
    • Newspaper
    • Organizational Communication
    • Political Communication and Media
    • Public Relations
    • Radio-​TV Journalism
    • Radio, Television, and Entertainment Studies
    • Research and Education
    • Risk, Stigma and Health Communication
    • Scholastic Journalism
    • Social Media
    • Telecommunications
    • The Art of Persuasion: Social Influence
    • Visual Communication
    • Web-​based Journalism

    Awards – MEDCOM 2015

    Best paper Award

    This award will be granted to the best paper in MEDCOM 2015. Organizing committee will select the best paper based on feedback of scientific review committee. Evaluation based on relevancy of paper on given themes, content and quality of the paper and impotency of findings. Both oral and virtual paper submission will be eligible to “Best paper award”. Decision of MEDCOM 2015 organizing committee is the final decision.

    Best Presentation Awards

    This award will be granted to presenters based on their presentations at the conference. Quality of the presentation, content of the presentation and level of interaction with the audience in the Q&A session will be used by Session Chair to select the best paper in his/​her session. Decision of Session Chair will be the final decision.

    Best student award

    This award will be granted to student presentations. Quality of the presentation, time management and quality of the findings relevant to ongoing practices may have higher level of chance to get selected. Decision of the MEDCOM 2015 Research panel will be the final decision.

    Scientific Committee

    • Prof. Gary E. Swanson – USA
    • Prof. Dr. Supathanish Termsnguanwong – Thailand
    • Prof. Serigus Koku – USA
    • Prof. Afifa El Bayed – Germany
    • Dr. Naleen Abeysekara – Sri Lanka (Scientific Chair)
    • Dr. Sangita T. Ghodake – India


    Conference START 10.04.2015 END

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    Conference Facts

    Location , Address Qi He Lou Jie 33 Category More Info Conference Website

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