International Symposium on Modeling, Adaptive Discretizations and Solvers for Fluid-Structure Interaction 2016 Linz

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  • The 2016 Edition of the International Symposium and Winter-​School on Modeling, Adaptive Discretizations and Solvers for Fluid-​Structure Interaction will be held on January 11 – 15, 2016 in Linz, Austria at the RICAM Institute.

    Aims and main topics

    Discussion of topical challenges to modeling, discretization and adaptive methods and their efficient numerical solution in the context of fluid-​structure interaction

    After several decades of intensive research, numerical analysis and simulation of fluid-​structure interactions remain a challenging topic with a large number of unresolved problems and issues. While the numerical analysis of the coupled system of equations in terms of well-​posedness and convergence is typically limited to simple model problems, a lot of insight have been gained over the years by means of numerical simulations. Established methods like the Arbitrary Lagrangian-​Eulerian (ALE) method or the Immersed Boundary Method have been succesfully applied to a wide range of applications, including for example aero-​elasticity and aero-​acoustics, biomechanics, energy or mechanical engineering.

    Nevertheless, there are yet a number of problems, where most of the established methods fail or come to a limit. Problems are caused for example by large structural deformations or contact problems, stiff couplings, extreme parameters or a huge computational complexity. In the last years, a number of novel methods and approaches have been developed to tackle such problems many of them being still subject of ongoing research.

    An area of research on its own is the development of efficient solvers for the underlying linear systems of equations. The high complexity of real world applications calls for algorithms that include adaptivity in time and space, model reduction, as well as parallelization. In the case of strong couplings, the coupled system of equations is extremely bad conditioned, such that the design of efficient solvers, e.g. multigrid solvers, is a challenge.

    This workshop addresses the previously mentioned challenges and aims at bringing together experts and junior scientists in the fields of modeling, adaptive discretizations and solvers for fluid-​structure interaction. To provide a platform in order to teach and learn state-​of-​the art formulations for fluid-​structure interaction, this workshop consists of a two-​day-​school and a subsequent three-​day-​symposium. The latter one will consist of invited and contributed presentations of junior scientists and experts whereas the school lectures will be given by three young scientists and experts in their field covering each of the three topics of our symposium.

    Invited Speakers

    Winter School

    The winter school takes place before the Symposium on January 11 – 12, 2016. We have gathered three experts that have high expertise in their respective fields of research. We will have four lectures on each of the two days, two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

    • Modeling of FSI: 2 – 3 lectures (lecturer Thomas Richter, Heidelberg University)
    • Solvers for FSI: 2 – 3 lectures (lecturer Simone Deparis, EPFL Lausanne)
    • Applications: 2 – 3 lectures (lecturer David Nordsletten, King’s College London)

    Symposium Fees

    Participation in the winter school is free of charge. The conference fee is 50€ for PhD and undergraduate students and 100€ for PostDocs and professors and includes daily meal vouchers for lunch as well as the conference dinner. We ask you to pay the respective fee in cash when arriving at the conference.

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