A Symphony of Flavours: Music & Food in Concert

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  • superb … delightful … divine … juicy … delicious … mouth-watering … yummy … lip-smacking … luscious … succulent … tasty … pleasant … fine … dull … mediocre… bland … flat … monotonous … insipid … unsavoury … nasty … horrible … shocking … repulsive …

    From superb to repulsive, from divine to shocking, music and food arise our finest sensitivities as well as our basic survival instincts. Sound and taste conjugate a special relationship, and they are often presented and represented together. The linkage between music and food has been a traditional field for artists to express, among various emotions, love and sexual desire, as well as environmental, urban, ethnic and class values (let alone plain hunger). Present-day tourist guides, city handbooks and holidays cookbooks are just a few examples of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of representations based on both music and food in multiple languages and cultures.

    From Heinrich Biber’s “Mensa Sonora” (1680) to Gioachino Rossini’s “Quatre hors d’œuvres” (1868), all the way to Compay Segundo’s “Chicharrones” (1977) and “All You Can Eat” by the Fat Boys hip-hop trio (1985), countless pieces and songs about food, cooking and eating have been written and published around the world. They speak about food preparation, ingredients, eating and its effects in the individual and social groups. Some cultures are more likely to sing and dance about food while others can hardly conceive the act of eating without music. Furthermore, a relationship can be established between spaces and periods where and when food is insufficient, and music that is created to be “eaten”.

    This multidisciplinary conference attempts to identify the interconnectedness of music and food and their meaningful relations. With a multicultural approach, papers are invited from scholars, researchers and students focusing on any world culture and historical period.

    We invite abstracts for oral or poster presentations related to music-food links from academic fields such as

    • history
    • literature
    • music theory
    • philosophy
    • religion studies
    • anthropology
    • sociology
    • linguistics
    • media and communications
    • migration studies
    • business studies
    • geography
    • psychology
    • gender studies
    • art history and cultural studies

    Practitioners from varied professional backgrounds are also welcomed. Artistic performances supporting papers are invited in music, dance, theatre and the visual arts.

    Conference Topics and Publication Opportunities

    The conference committee welcomes abstracts for oral or poster presentations for the following themes:

    • Music to eat
      - Meaning and reference in food song lyrics
      - Cultural production of food music
      - Cuisine poetry and musical fiction
      - Musical behaviours related to food production and consumption
    • Food to listen to
      - Eating with music
      - Cooking melodies, harmonies and rhythms
      - Recipes that sing and dance
      - Musical representations of hunger and famine
    • Harmonious settings
      - Music in dining rooms, restaurants and kitchens
      - The musical environment of food
      - Concerts and junk food
      - Food film music
    • Musical business and food politics
      - Use of music in food product advertising and promotion
      - Food and music in political discourse
      - Trading music for food
    • The folklore of music in food
      - Musical rituals of the edibles
      - Music associated to agriculture and food production
      - Rhythmical cooking, melodic consumption, harmonic digestion

    Proposals on other relations between food and music are encouraged. Abstract proposals for oral or poster presentations are to be submitted to foodandmusic@adm.unicv.edu.cv. Proposals for pre-organised panels are also welcomed. The conference languages are English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. The language of the submitted abstract is the language of the presentation. A selection of the papers presented in this conference will be considered for the publication of a multi-author book in late 2015.

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