SDIWC International Conference on Data Mining, Internet Computing, and Big Data (BigData) 2014

  • Conference Call
  • You are invited to par­tic­i­pate in The Inter­na­tional Con­fer­ence on Data Min­ing, Inter­net Com­put­ing, and Big Data (BigData2014) that will be held at Asia Pacific Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy and Inno­va­tion (APU), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Novem­ber 17 – 19, 2014 as part of The Third World Con­gress on Com­put­ing and Infor­ma­tion Tech­nol­ogy (WCIT). The event will be held over three days, with pre­sen­ta­tions deliv­ered by researchers from the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity, includ­ing pre­sen­ta­tions from keynote speak­ers and state-​of-​the-​art lectures.

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    The con­fer­ence wel­comes papers on the fol­low­ing (but not lim­ited to) research topics:

    Data Min­ing Inte­gra­tion & Process

    • Attribute dis­cretiza­tion and encoding
    • Data clean­ing and preparation
    • Dis­trib­uted and grid based data mining
    • Fea­ture selec­tion and transformation
    • Meta­data and ontologies
    • Min­ing large scale data
    • Model inter­pre­ta­tion

    Data Min­ing Applications

    • Anom­aly detection
    • Asso­ci­a­tion rule learning
    • Bioin­for­mat­ics
    • Business/​Corporate/​Industrial Data Mining
    • Clas­si­fi­ca­tion
    • Cloud based infra­struc­ture (appli­ca­tions, stor­age and resources)
    • Clus­ter analysis
    • Credit Scor­ing
    • Crowd-​sourcing
    • Data fusion and integration
    • Data Min­ing in Logistics
    • Data-​mining grids
    • Data­base Marketing
    • Direct Mar­ket­ing
    • Dis­trib­uted databases
    • Dis­trib­uted file systems
    • Engi­neer­ing Mining
    • Ensem­ble learning
    • Genetic algo­rithms
    • Machine learn­ing
    • Mas­sively parallel-​processing (MPP) databases
    • Med­i­cine Data Mining
    • Mil­i­tary Data Mining
    • Nat­ural lan­guage processing
    • Neural net­works
    • Pat­tern recognition
    • Pre­dic­tive modeling
    • Search-​based applications
    • Secu­rity Data Mining
    • Sen­ti­ment analysis
    • Sig­nal processing
    • Sim­u­la­tion
    • Social Sci­ence Mining
    • Super­vised and unsu­per­vised learning
    • Time series analy­sis and visualization

    Data Min­ing Tasks & Algorithms

    • Arti­fi­cial neural networks
    • Evo­lu­tion­ary computation/​meta heuristics
    • Explo­rative and visual data mining
    • Link and sequence analysis
    • Min­ing text and semi-​structured data
    • Mul­ti­me­dia min­ing (audio/​video)
    • Segmentation/​Clustering/​Association
    • Web min­ing

    Inter­net Computing

    • Design and analy­sis of inter­net pro­to­cols and engineering
    • Dig­i­tal libraries/​digital image collections
    • Elec­tronic com­merce and internet
    • Grid based com­put­ing and inter­net tools
    • Inter­net and emerg­ing technologies
    • Inter­net and video technologies
    • Inter­net appli­ca­tions and appliances
    • Inter­net bank­ing systems
    • Inter­net based deci­sion sup­port systems
    • Inter­net law and compliance
    • Inter­net secu­rity and trust
    • Markup Lan­guages
    • Meta­com­put­ing
    • Mobile com­put­ing and the internet
    • Net­work archi­tec­tures and net­work computing
    • Novel Java appli­ca­tions on internet
    • Qual­ity of service
    • Search engines
    • Social net­works
    • The inter­net and Cloud computing
    • The WWW and intranets
    • Web based computing
    • Web inter­faces to databases
    • Web site design and coordination

    Pub­li­ca­tion Opportunities

    All reg­is­tered papers will be included in SDIWC Dig­i­tal Library, and in the pro­ceed­ings of the conference.

    All papers sub­mit­ted will be reviewed by a min­i­mum of two review­ers. The pub­lished pro­ceed­ings will be indexed by at least five or more of the fol­low­ing: DBLP, EI, INSPEC, Research Bible, Scirus, Microsoft Aca­d­e­mic Research, Research­Gate, and Google Scholar Data­bases. In addi­tion, BESTreg­is­tered papers will be pub­lished in one of the fol­low­ing spe­cial issues pro­vided that the author do major improve­ments and exten­sion within the time frame that will be set by the con­fer­ence and his/​her paper is approved by the chief editor:

    starting: ending: 19.11.2014 Location: , Category:


    Conference START 19.11.2014 END

    All deadlines have expired!

    This conference has no more open deadlines. There may be successive conferences coming up you may by interested in.

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