Saving-Investment Relationships in the World Economy and the Effectiveness of the Financial System

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  • 11. International Finance Symposium 2012

    The Finance Symposium, which is traditionally organized by the School of Banking and Insurance and the Institute of Banking and Insurance, will be held on November 8, 2012 this time. The topic of the symposium is determined as "Saving-Investment Relationships in the World Economy and the Effectiveness of the Financial System".

    The symposium is organised internationally as in the previous years. The submitted papers will be accepted and presented after the academic assessment process. Furthermore, the presented papers will be published in the Symposium Book. Therefore, they should not have been published or presented before. The copyright of the papers published in the Symposium Book belongs to the School of Banking and Insurance and the Institute of Banking and Insurance.

    Topics of the Symposium

    • The Theoretical Analysis of Savings-Investment Relationship
    • An Empirical Analysis of Savings - Investment Relationship in Turkey and the World.
    • Barriers and Solutions to Convert Savings to Rational Investments
    • The Intermediary Role and Problems of the Financial System in Transforming Savings to Investments
    • The Effect of the Interest Policies of Financial Authorities on Savings-Investment Relationships
    • Savings - Income Relationship: Building Measures to Increase Savings through Revenue Enhancement
    • The Role and Importance of Insurance in Increasing Savings
    • The Functionality of Capital Markets in Transforming Savings to Investments
    • Banks' Credit Conversion Functions and Constraint Factors
    • Funds Transfer Mechanisms to Real Sector
    • The Effects of Public Sector Deficits on Savings-Investment Balances
    • The Relation of the Public Debt-Public Resources
    • The Influence of Volatility in Commodity Prices on Investments
    • The Effects of Regulatory Changes on Savings-Investment Relationship
    • Savings-Investment Relationship in Foreign Trade Imbalances
    • Term Policies in Debt Financing
    • The Efficiencies of the International Monetary Authorities on National Fiscal and Monetary Policies
    • The Effects of International Bank Mergers on Savings and Investments.
    • The Effects of Financial Innovation on Savings-Investment
    • The Creation of Savings-Investment Climate by Central Bank Policies
    • Savings-Investment Relationship in BRICS Countries
    • Savings Incentives and Expectations for the Reduction of Current Account Deficit
    • Budget Deficits and Financing Options
    • Global Distribution of Income, Savings-Investment Relationship
    • The Encouragement of Alternative Energy Investments
    • Actuarial Approaches to Investment-Risk Balance
    • Actuarial Modelling of Individual Pension Savings
    • Financial Functions of Individual Pension System Funds
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