International Conference on Islamization in Modern Science and Scientification of Islamic Studies: Prospects and Bridges

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    It cannot be completely denied that the vast body of knowledge discovered throughout mankind’s history as part of his endeavor, does to a certain inevitable extent reflect his own worldview and perspectives which, in turn is very much influenced by his own beliefs and cultural makeup. Imbued with the concept of tawhid (unity of God), Islamization of knowledge aims at revisiting and possibly revising the worldviews that form the foundations of the various many disciplines so that they become in line with revelation. At a conceptual level, Islamization has seen much progress in comprehension; at the detailed level of execution however, much is left wanting as scholars vigorously try to grasp the full understanding of how it should be translated in an operational manner for the various disciplines.

    In considering Science, one of the main bodies of knowledge which permeates the lives of man, it is of interest to note how science has seen various phases in how it’s perceived throughout the ages. This ranged from the period where it was enthusiastically welcomed amongst the Muslim scholars, almost vehemently discouraged by the Christian ecclesiastics and later almost deified by some quarters during the famed renaissance. Its corresponding philosophy has been somewhat painted by various worldviews and flavors and is certainly a ripe field for the scholars and scientist to discover what Islamization really means here and how it should be properly understood.

    Scientification of Islamic Studies

    While Islam in its pristine form has been completed through Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w); it is arguably true that a large portion of subject matters in relation to Islamic studies (methods of learning Islam), is in fact post Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). This can be seen in the culmination of the works of compilation of hadith, ulumul hadith (hadith methodology), usul fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Ilm al-kalam (Islamic theology) etc. Though one cannot deny that a certain level of systemization of the methods and techniques in Islamic studies existed even in those early days; from the modern perspective of an empirical and logically motivated scientific body of knowledge, it somewhat lacks rigor in some aspects. Scientification thus can be seen as a process of making the relevant Islamic studies more rigorous, appeasing to the scientific intellect in a universally modern context subsequently less subject to possibly cultural, emotional and sectarian flavor. This should allow for the relevant subject matter to be openly scrutinized, criticized and even possibly revised in a healthy manner to ensure the understanding and implementation of Islamic studies in a way most compatible with current methods of science as well as in complete accordance with revelation.

    Prospects and Bridges

    The conference aims at bringing together scholars to present, propose and discuss their findings and opinions not only on how Islamization can be seen in a meaningful way at the operational level for Science; but also how Islamic studies itself can be seen in a possibly more rigorous light where natural scientists including physicists, biologists, chemists and mathematicians can appreciate the rightfully complete harmony between man’s understanding of the divine prescriptions of revelation and his comprehension of the natural world.

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