Porous Semiconductors - Science and Technology Conference (PSST) 2012

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  • Porous Semiconductors - Science and Technology is the regular scientific conference attracting world famous experts in the nanostructured semiconductor materials and wide area of its applications in microelectronics and optoelectronics, solar energy, biology, pharmacology, etc.

    The Conference will critically analyze the changes in state-of-the-art in the field of porous semiconductors during the two years that have passed since the PSST-2010 event. The emphasis will be kept on developing and understanding fabrication, properties and uses of porous semiconductors. We are the only international conference entirely dedicated to porous semiconductors, promoting their use in life sciences, as well as electronics, sensing, chemical and photochemical applications.

    The Conference will continue to serve to connect researchers interested in physics and chemistry of semiconductors, optics, electrochemistry, analytical instrumentation, biochemistry, medicine and other related fields. Both established experts and representatives of emerging fields are welcome to attend, establish new cooperation links and achieve better results through coordination of their efforts.

    Scope and Topics

    The Program of the Conference will include up to 8 invited talks, as well as oral and poster presentations. Reports related to all aspects of porous semiconductors are welcome. Nevertheless, the Organizing Committee strongly recommends conforming submitted contributions to particular topics proposed by the Conference Chairs:

    Prof. Koshida Nobuyoshi (University of Tokyo, JAPAN)

    • Electrochemical and metal-assisted chemical etching
    • Pore filling
    • Microsystems engineering
    • Electronic applications

    Prof. Leigh Canham (pSiMedica Ltd., UK)

    • Novel fabrication techniques
    • Luminescence & microphotonics
    • Comparative studies with mesoporous ceramics & mesoporous metals
    • Medical diagnostics, imaging and therapy

    Prof. Michael Sailor (University of California at San Diego, USA)

    • Mesopore chemistries & confinement effects
    • Sensors
    • Energy conversion
    • Novel structures & emerging applications

    The three invited speakers have been chosen by the Conference Chairs in advance:

    • Prof. K.-Q. Peng, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, Electroless etching of Si to prepare nanowires
    • Prof. P. Schmuki, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, TiO2 Nanotubes

    Short course

    Introductory Short Course will be organized at the beginning of the Conference on Sunday, 25 March, 2012 for young scientists and newcomers to the field, similarly to those provided during previous years. Topics of the lectures have been proposed by the Conference Co-Chairs and will be delivered by them as announced at the Conference WEB-side.

    Conference Prizes

    A long standing PSST tradition of awarding official prizes for Best Talk of the Day, Best Poster and Best Contribution of the Conference will be upheld once again. As usual, most of the prizes will be awarded through direct voting by the participants. Some less official and friendly prizes will also be established.

    Contributed papers, submission and publication

    The Organizing Committee is working to conclude an agreement with Wiley to publish the presented contributions. Authors will be additionally informed and encouraged to submit full size manuscripts for publication in the Proceedings Volume of the Physica Status Solidi similarly to what has been done at the previous PSST Congresses. The papers demonstrate justified scientific value may be published as a regular paper in Physica Status Solidi (a), more technical and experimental works will be published in a (c) series. Assignations will be done at a moment of the manuscript acceptance by Guest Editors and Referees.

    The Proceedings will appear in print within six-eight months after the Conference, nevertheless the on-line publication will be available immediately upon acceptance. The authors and all registered on the PSST 2012 Conference participants will receive an electronic disc of this Proceedings Volume.

    The length of each paper is limited (journal format) to 8 pages for invited talks and to 5 pages for contributed papers. The manuscripts should be submitted directly on-line to the Phisica Status Solidi Editorial to the Conferences habilitated area (PSST 2012). It is necessary to ensure a correct formatting of the paper - for this purpose please use the Template for Papers available on the PSST-2012 and PSS WEBs. Authors will be allowed to upload their full size manuscripts later on January 2012.

    All the manuscripts will be reviewed by the members of the International Scientific Committee and shortly after that the authors will be informed about the acceptance of the paper or the necessary improvements to be done.

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