Liquid Metal Processing and Casting Conference (LMPC) 2015 Leoben

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  • The Liquid Metal Processing and Casting Conference 2015 is a unique symposium that showcases the latest technological and scientific advances related to those industrial processes used to cast large ingots of highly alloyed metals. The conference will commence on September 20 – 23, 2015 in Leoben, Austria at the Congress Leoben.

    Conference History

    LMPC is an international forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest advances and research in liquid metal processing and casting and takes place every two years.The symposium was held in Austin, USA in 2013 and Nancy, France in 2011.


    During the conference Industrial ESR plants in Breitenfeld AG (Austria) and Metal Ravne (Slovenia) will be visited.

    The symposium presents a blend of academic and industrial papers on topics including advances in controls and process simulation, ingot defect formation and characterization studies, and process parameter-​material properties characterization. The program will include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

    • Primary and Secondary Melt Processing including VIM, VAR, ESR, EBCHR, Plasma Melting, Ingot Casting, Centrifugal Casting
    • Physical Property Measurements of Liquid Metals
    • Casting and Solidification of Liquid Metals
    • Modeling of Metallurgical Processes including Heat/​Mass Flow Modeling of Liquid Metal and Solidification
    • Ceramic, Slag and Refractory Reactions with Liquid Metals
    • Refining, Evaporation and Gas/​Metal Reactions
    • Fundamentals of Reactions Involving Liquid Metals in Productions Processes
    • Metallurgical Applications of MHD

    Conference Committees

    Conference Chairs

    Organizing Committee

    Scientific Committee

    • A. Stewart Ballantyne – MeltMet Technologies LLC, USA
    • Joseph J. Beaman – University of Texas at Austin, USA
    • Jean-​Pierre Bellot – Institut Jean Lamour Nancy, France
    • Christoph Heischend – Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH, Germany
    • Harald Holzgruber – INTECO GmbH, Austria
    • Alain Jardy – Institut Jean Lamour Nancy, France
    • Zhouhua Jiang – Northeastern University, P.R. China
    • Koji Kajikawa – Japan Steel Works, Japan
    • Abdellah Kharicha – University of Leoben, Austria
    • Matthew J. M. Krane – Purdue University, USA
    • Henry Lippard – ATI Allvac, USA
    • Andreas Ludwig – University of Leoben, Austria
    • Alec Mitchell – UBC, Canada
    • Ashish Patel – TIMET, USA
    • Anatoliy Ryabtsev – Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine
    • Mark Suer – Special Metals, USA
    • R. Mark Ward – University of Birmingham, UK
    • Rodney L. Williamson – University of Texas at Austin, USA
    • Menghuai Wu – University of Leoben, Austria
    starting: ending: 23.09.2015 Location: , Category:


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