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  • Mutual exchange of innovative thoughts and activities always gives qualitative outcomes in any system or process. To achieve our global educational growth and development, we must have a strong faith on togetherness while putting efforts towards our aim. On these aspects, a learning community can play a vital role. A learning community is a group of people who share common emotions, values and beliefs, and are actively engaged in learning together from each other, and by habituation. A learning community supports and inspires the intellectual and personal development of all members of the community. It fosters an environment that values diversity, differences, and the rights of all individuals. It supports and creates new knowledge through research and scholarly inquiry on the part of teachers, staff and students, and it shares that knowledge with the broader community. A learning community is centered on the classroom, but extends throughout the academia and into the world around it. In such a community, all activities, roles, and responsibilities are related with its members engaged in a common enterprise.

    Community psychologists such as McMillan and Chavis (1986) state that there are four key factors that defined a sense of community: (1) membership, (2) influence, (3) fulfillment of individual needs and (4) shared events and emotional connections. The learning communities can offer a lot for educational reform: curricular coherence; integrative, high-quality learning; collaborative knowledge-construction; and skills and knowledge relevant to living in a complex, messy, diverse world. Studies show that enrolment in a learning community has a powerful effect on student learning and achievement. The learning community approach fundamentally restructures the curriculum, and the time and space of students. Many different curricular restructuring models are being used, but all the learning community models intentionally link together courses or coursework to provide greater curricular coherence, more opportunities for active teaming, and interaction between students and faculty.

    Objective of the conference

    • Critically observe the significance of need to bring democratic change in educational system towards more learning outcomes.
    • Analyze the possible contribution by creating structured and non-structured learning community in comparison with the traditional designs.
    • Group like an orchestra where individually different people come together to form one entity, and not like a group of packed corals that is made up of things of the same quality
    • Exercise the role of learning community in different disciplines-Engineering, Health and Medical Applied Sciences, Management Sciences, Education and Movement Education etc.
    • Share a global perspective of learning community.
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