ISA RC52 Conference: Professions and Enterprise

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  • The Interim Conference on "Professions and Enterprise", organised by the International Sociological Association (ISA) RC52 ("Sociology of Professional Groups") will take place at the University Campus Suffolk (UCS), Ipswich, United Kingdom from 11 to 12 November 2012.

    Professional groups are closely linked with enterprise at a number of interrelated levels. They often work in private enterprises, as well as in social enterprises. They are also frequently enterprising, in so far as they act in innovatory, entrepreneurial and energetic ways on behalf of clients and wider public agendas.

    This conference explores through a number of cognate sessions the interface of a broad range of professionals and professions with the enterprise context in which they work and the dilemmas and opportunities that thereby arise in what is currently a highly challenging societal and global economic context. The conference programme also considers ways in which, and conditions under which, professions can positively be enterprising in terms of the use of such devices as new technologies, social networks, knowledge transfer and “can do” approaches – as well as how they may obstruct change, to the prejudice of those that they are often publicly committed to serving.

    Call for Papers / Abstract Submission

    In addition to empirical studies, qualitative research and session proposals that examine the theoretical and methodological issues involved in such an analysis are also invited. Abstracts for papers of 200-300 words are invited for the following sessions, which are divided into two streams, together with an open stream, by the deadline of Friday 18 May 2012. Abstracts should be emailed with a clear indication of the session and stream for which they are submitted, along with your name, institutional details and email address, to, copy to They will then be sent on to the relevant session organiser(s) for selection. Notification about acceptance of abstracts will take place by June 2012.

    Conference Topics / Streams

    Health Professions and Enterprise

    • Designing a new professional? The hybridisation of medics and managers
      Ellen Kuhlmann (Denmark), Mike Dent (UK) & Ian Kirkpatrick (UK)
    • Enterprise and entrepreneurialism for public service professions
      Justin Waring (UK), Graeme Currie (UK), Gerry McGivern (UK) & Mirko Noordegraaf (Netherlands)
    • Enterprise and innovation: The transformation of professionals in healthcare
      Penny Cavenagh (UK)
    • Professions and enterprise: The implications for gender in healthcare and science
      Nina Teasdale (UK), Ellen Annandale (UK) & Ellen Kuhlmann (Denmark)
    • When professions become entrepreneurial: Care, work, business in the welfare context
      Anne Kovalainen (Finland)
    • Domestic and care workers: Professionalisation, market, and public policy
      Manuel Abrantes (Portugal) & Vanessa Blétière (Switzerland)

    Enterprising Professions

    • The careers of global professional managers
      David Weir (UK), Marian Crowley-Henry (Ireland) & Sylvia van de Bunt (Netherlands)
    • R&D professional groups and knowledge and innovation networks
      Luísa Veloso (Portugal) & Mónica Schachter (Spain)
    • Technologies, communities and professions
      Charles Gadéa (France) & Marc Zune (Belgium)
    • Professionalisation in enterprises as process-resource
      Mirella Giannini (Italy)
    • Enterprise and innovation in the interface between higher education and professional practice
      Lisa Wallander (Sweden)
    • Enterprise and professional ethics
      Francis Wilson (UK)

    Open stream

    This stream is for those abstract proposals that do not readily fit into the above sessional themes, but which fit into the overall theme of the conference on Professions and Enterprise.

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