IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sports 2014 Monaco

  • Conference Call
  • The IOC World Con­fer­ence on Pre­ven­tion of Injury & Ill­ness in sport will be 2014’s pre­mier inter­na­tional con­fer­ence for those inter­ested in clin­i­cal aspects of sports and exer­cise med­i­cine and will be held on April 10 – 12, 2014 in Monaco. The diverse fac­ulty rep­re­sent the pre-​eminent inter­na­tional author­i­ties in injury and ill­ness prevention.

    This tri­en­nial con­fer­ence is a unique oppor­tu­nity for the global sport and exer­cise med­i­cine com­mu­nity to meet face to face in the ideal envi­ron­ment that Monaco provides.

    Over 120 lead­ers in their fields are lined up as speak­ers. One of many high­lights promises be the open­ing lec­ture by the dynamic tan­dem, Prof. Dohm­nall Macauley and Prof. Karim Khan, BMJ/​BJSM edi­tors. Other keynote speak­ers and top­ics include Paul McCrory on con­cus­sion, Benno Nigg on run­ning injuries, Evert Ver­ha­gen on how dig­i­tal and mobile plat­forms will influ­ence ath­lete care, Andrew McIn­tosh on tech­nol­ogy and equip­ment in sport, Juan Manuel Alonso on ham­string injury pre­ven­tion, Car­o­line Finch on injury sur­veil­lance and rule changes.

    Keynote Lectures

    • Karim Khan (Canada), Domh­nall MacAuley (UK): “Has sports injury and ill­ness pre­ven­tion research deliv­ered? A vig­or­ous debate
    • Paul McCrory (Aus­tralia): “TOMBER DANS LES POMMES – ‘Zero tol­er­ance’ and the fear of chronic trau­matic encephalopa­thy – the role of evi­dence based con­cus­sion pre­ven­tion
    • Benno Nigg (Canada): “The evo­lu­tion of footwear and its role in pre­ven­tion of run­ning injuries
    • Evert Ver­ha­gen (Nether­lands): “Pro­tect­ing the health of the @tlete – how online tech­nol­ogy may aid our com­mon goal to pre­vent injury and ill­ness in sport
    • Andrew McIn­tosh (Aus­tralia): “Are we get­ting the same per­for­mance from our equip­ment as we expect from our ath­letes? Tech­nol­ogy and equip­ment in sports injury pre­ven­tion (45 min­utes)


    • 1.A. The role of human move­ment pat­terns in pre­dict­ing and pre­vent­ing ACL and other com­mon injuries – Anthony Beut­ler (USA)
    • 1.B. Mak­ing a noise about sports injury pre­ven­tion – the power of social media – Car­o­line Finch (Australia)
    • 2.A. Pre­vent­ing injuries in World Cup alpine ski­ing – research and imple­men­ta­tion hand in hand – Roald Bahr (Nor­way) and Eero Hyväri­nen (Finland)
    • 2.B. Is it really pos­si­ble to pre­vent sud­den car­diac death in sport? – Greg Whyte (UK) and Hakim Cha­l­abi (Qatar)
    • 3.A. Pre­vent­ing heat-​related prob­lems in ath­letes – Sebastien Raci­nais (Qatar) and Ron Maughan (UK)
    • 3.B. Pre­ven­tion of the jumper’s knee: Jump­ing to con­clu­sions or not? – Johannes (Hans) Zwerver (Netherlands)
    • 3.C. Inter­na­tional per­spec­tives on pre­ven­tion of sport-​related con­cus­sion: Are we gain­ing ground? – Kevin Guskiewicz (USA) and Jon Patri­cios (South Africa)
    • 4.A. Pre­ven­tion of ham­string injuries in com­pet­i­tive ath­letes – trans­lat­ing research into evidence-​based prac­tice – Juan Manuel Alonso (Qatar) and Simon S. Yeung (Hong Kong)
    • 4.B. Tak­ing the lab to the game: Towards inno­v­a­tive field-​based injury screen­ing and pre­ven­tion – Scott McLean (USA)
    • 4.C. Only mad dogs and Eng­lish­men go out in the mid­day sun; the pre­ven­tion of injuries and ill­ness in elite ten­nis player – Michael Turner (UK)
    • 5.A. Can rule and reg­u­la­tion changes be used to pre­vent injuries in foot­ball codes? – Hugh Seward (Australia)
    • 5.B. Pre­vent­ing achilles ten­don prob­lems – Erik Witvrouw (Qatar)
    • 6.A. Pre­ven­tion of foot­ball injuries at the elite level – Thor Einar Ander­sen (Norway)
    • 6.B.To screen or not to screen? An inter­na­tional per­spec­tive on the IOC con­sen­sus state­ment on Peri­odic Health Eval­u­a­tion (PHE) of elite ath­letes – Stephen Tar­gett (Qatar) and Lars Enge­bret­sen (Norway)
    • 6.C. Female ath­lete triad coali­tion con­sen­sus state­ment: New guide­lines for pre­ven­tion, screen­ing, treat­ment, and return to play – Margo Moun­tjoy (Canada)
    • 7.A. Screen­ing for ACL injury risk using drop jump tasks – does it work? – Tron Krosshaug (Norway)
    • 7.B. Max­imis­ing sports injury pre­ven­tion pro­gram impact – issues of imple­men­ta­tion, con­text and com­pli­ance across the sports deliv­ery sys­tem – Evert Ver­ha­gen (Netherlands)
    • 7.C. The groin-​injury ice­berg – look­ing beneath the sur­face – Per Hölmich (Denmark/​Qatar) and Bert Man­del­baum (USA)
    • 8.A. Pre­ven­tion – why eccen­tric? – Per Hölmich (Den­mark) and Michael Kjaer (Denmark)
    • 8.B. Stay­ing out of hot water: Reduc­ing hyper­ther­mic ill­ness and injury risk in aquatic endurance ath­letes – Margo Moun­tjoy (Canada)
    • 8.C. Ahead of injuries; sports injury pre­ven­tion from a psy­cho­log­i­cal point of view – Urban John­son (Sweden)
    • 9.A. ACL pre­ven­tion in female hand­ball and foot­ball – any spe­cific con­sid­er­a­tions? – Grethe Myk­le­bust (Norway)
    • 9.B. Rugby Sev­ens World Series – imple­ment­ing a series-​wide injury and ill­ness pre­ven­tion pro­gramme to min­imise the impact of the inter-​continental travel require­ments – Mar­tin Raftery (Australia)
    • 9.C. Cur­rent con­cepts in injury pre­ven­tion for young ath­letes: Do we have solu­tions? – John DiFiori (USA) and Margo Moun­tjoy (Canada)


    Sci­en­tific Committee

    • Roald Bahr – Pro­fes­sor & Chair
    • Cindy Chang, USA
    • Jon Drezner, USA
    • Jiri Dvo­rak, Switzerland
    • Lars Enge­bret­sen, Norway
    • Car­o­line Finch, Australia
    • Joao Grangeiro Neto, Brasil
    • Per Hölmich, Denmark
    • Karim Khan, Canada
    • Michael Kjær, Denmark
    • Willem Meeuwisse, Canada
    • Margo Moun­tjoy, Canada
    • Erich Müller, Austria
    • Ian Needle­man, UK
    • Paul Pic­cininni, Canada
    • Anto­nio Pel­li­cia, Italy
    • Mar­tin Schwell­nus, South Africa
    • Evert Ver­ha­gen, Netherlands
    • Markus Waldén, Sweden

    Organ­is­ing Committee

    • Roald Bahr
    • Fredrik S. Bendik­sen – President
    • Lars Enge­bret­sen
    • Benedetta Boaretto
    • Cher­ine Fahmy


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