International Scientific Conference on Social and Economic Research and Development (SERDA) 2015 Bijeljina

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  • Welcome to the International Scientific Conference on Social and Economic Research and Development – SERDA 2015 organised by Slobomir P University carrying the theme “The Social and Technological Development in the Era of Globalization”. Our goal is to bring together scientists and researchers from different scientific fields and from more countries in order to create the conditions for the exchange of the results of the latest research, practical experience and new ideas. The conference will be held on May 9, 2015 in Bijeljina, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Conference Theme

    Social and technological development in the era of globalization

    After the fall of the Berlin wall, which symbolically marked the end of European socialism, it seemed that the former socialist countries would move rapidly to develop and modernize in the framework of the liberal-​capitalist social order, following the modernization form of Western countries. It seemed that capitalism is becoming a global planetary order with no worthy rivals on a planetary scale.

    Indeed, the global spread of capitalism is happening under increasingly strong gusts of globalization. Regardless of whether globalization is understood as a spontaneous process of ever-​increasing connectivity of different economies, societies and cultures globally or as a project of global transnational class of ultra-​rich and powerful, it is equally interesting and inspiring topic.

    Today, scientists, researchers, journalists, publicists, politicians, human rights activists, but also its opponents – anti-​globalists are passionately engaged in it.

    Some praise globalization, others criticize it, but no one is indifferent to it. It makes the world as “one place”, because everything that happens in the world has an impact on other peoples and other cultures, without their willingness to take part in it, to oppose or to remain indifferent.

    Already here it can be suggested a myriad of topics on globalization: on the meaning – whether it is a spontaneous global integration process or a project of influential groups; on its beginning – whether it is something new, unrecorded in the history or it is the continuation of long-​initiated processes; on its outcomes – whether it inevitably leads to the weakening of nation-​states, or on the contrary, most powerful states constantly increase their power at the expense of the weak and the powerless; whether in the field of culture leads to homogenization and Americanization or the world becomes more colorful; on its consequences – whether it brings progress and prosperity not only for the rich but for the poor, or it leads to greater discrimination and hopelessness of the poor people and countries.

    Conference Topics /​Tracks

    The conference is organized in the form of sections that cover the areas of:

    • Economy and business
    • Labour law
    • International Economy
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Management
    • Management and Information Systems
    • Marketing
    • Finance and Banking

    Keynote Speakers

    • Prof. Dr. Jovan Todorovic, Prof. Emeritus
    • Prof. Dr. Rade Bozovic, Prof. Emeritus
    • Prof. Dr. Osman Khan, CIBMP, London

    Program Committee

    • Dr. Mile Vasic – Slobomir P University, Slobomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Dr. Osman Khan – University of East London, United Kingdom
    • Harris Gerronikolas – City Unity College, Athens, Greece
    • Dr. Nancy Russo – University of Northern Illinosis, Chicago, USA
    • Dr. Nikola Fabris – University in Belograde, Serbia
    • Dr. Krunoslav Mirosavljevic – University in Slavonski Brod, Croatia
    • Dr. Miodrag Ivovic – Slobomir P University, Slobomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Dr. Dubravka Pavlicic – University in Belgrade, Serbia
    • Dr. Miroslav Milosavljevic – Slobomir P University, Slobomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Dr. Milan Skulic – University in Belgrade, Serbia
    • Dr. Milutin Đuricic – Slobomir P University, Slobomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Dr. Predrag Petrovic – Slobomir P University, Slobomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Dr. Sasa Tomic – Slobomir P University, Slobomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Dr. Snezana Knezevic – University in Belgrade, Serbia
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