International Project Management, Strategic Planning, and Budgeting (IPSB) Conference 2013

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  • ATM Global Business Solutions and Associates is proud to host an International Conference on Project management, Strategic Planning and Budgeting (IPSB) taking place in Sandton, South Africa running September 16-20, 2013. ATM Global Business Solutions is a globally positioned entity that addresses global solutions that are tailor made, that suits the client’s needs and specifications. This year's conference themes are positions to address problems and challenges that are encountered in project managements, administrations as well as budgeting including the strategically approaches in planning.

    Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables). Whilst project management is essential, strategic planning is also the most important component that determines the overall success of a project.

    It is the overall planning that facilitates the good management of a process. Strategic planning takes you outside the day-to-day activities of your organization or project. It is the primary objects of this conference to gather experts from around the world tocome together to discuss the latest development in project managements and strategic planning. Financial resources also contribute almost 75% of the success of the project.

    It is therefore that this year’s conference will focus on aspect such as project implementation, project planning, and budgeting. There will be series of workshops and speakers that will cover the main conference themes and addresses the participants on new discoveries of project management, strategic planning and budgeting. Academic papers will also be presented from experts from around the world. You need to register to be part of this great move.

    Conference Topics

    While governance is growing as an area of concern for management and organizational researchers and theorists, very little is known about its role and impact on projects and the management of projects, and even less is known about the systemic impact of project governance. That is, how governance and project systems have a reciprocal impact. We believe that addressing the tensions, challenges and opportunities inherent in project governance is a timely, relevant and strategically important area of research with significant implications and applications to practices at all levels: within and between organizations, projects, and people.

    Furthermore, existing theoretic perspectives do not comprehensively and suitably explain the tensions, challenges and opportunities inherent in project governance, thus making it a ripe and vibrant field of research, theory and practice. In view of the above IPSB Conference is calling for empirical papers on project governance with an emphasis on governing complex projects, particularly during times of organizational transformation. We call for empirical works that contribute to theory and practice. We welcome submissions from a variety of theoretical and empirical methodological traditions.

    • What governance practices and processes arerequired to transform organizations through projects?
    • How do organizations govern complex project arrangements, such as mega-projects, public private partnerships, and other forms of projects?
    • How can governance performance be understood and assessed in complex environments?
    • How can projects be governed in ways that allow room for improvisation in practices and processes to deal with environmental turbulence?
    • What are the differences, if any, in governing projects in the private, public, or not-for-profit sectors?
    • How are development projects governed effectively?
    • What are the relational and power dynamics of project relationships?
    • Can projects self-govern independently from organizational governance?
    • How can the fit between organizational and project strategy be aligned through governance?
    • What are the governance mechanisms that promote and inhibit innovation in and through projects?
    • How do leadership practices relate to governance in projects?
    • What is the interplay between different modes of governance, leadership and project contracts?
    • What roles does Budgeting plays in project management?
    • What causes budgets constraints in project management?

    This list is indicative rather than exhaustive. We welcome submissions seeking to answer questions beyond those listed so long as they are consistent withour goal of advancing understanding of governance of complex projects. All papers will be blind reviewed following IPSB normal review process and criteria. Papers accepted for conference will be published andincluded in the conference proceedings.

    Who should attend?

    The conference is designed to provide educational opportunities for a diverse group of individuals and organizations working on projects and programs that require project management and strategic planning. The resulting target audience includes professionals, peer support specialists, projectmanagement specialists, project managers, researchers, educators and other professionals engaged in project management and planning. The conference will also be beneficial to individuals and groups who have experienced lack of project management skills. To be specific, the following audience are invited:

    • Government secretaries
    • Administrators
    • PA and Personal Assistances to executives
    • Project managers
    • Executive chairpersons
    • Executive management
    • Private entities
    • NPOs and NGOs
    • International Companies
    • Regional Associates
    • Global organizations
    • Project Leaders
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