International Congress of Linguists (ICL) 2013

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  • The Permanent International Committee of Linguists (CIPL) is kindly inviting you to participate in the International Congress of Linguists (ICL), held 21-27 July, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.

    The International Congress of Linguists (ICL) takes place every five years, under the governance of the International Permanent Committee of Linguists (CIPL). The last congress took place in Seoul, year 2008. The Société Suisse de Linguistique (SSL) submitted a proposal for the organization of the 19th congress, in 2013, in Ferdinand de Saussure’s city, one century after his death.

    Congress Title: The Language-Cognition Interface

    In general, the topics discussed at the congresses reflect the rapid growth of linguistics as a science and its manifold interfaces with psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and many other sciences. The expansion and specialization of linguistics are impressive. At present no scholar can claim to be conversant with the whole of the linguistic literature. Even more limited fields, such as sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics and semantics are developing at a rate which makes them increasingly difficult for the individual scholar to follow without reliable bibliographical assistance.

    Workshops / Open Conference Topics

    The Scientific Committe has selected workshops after the closing of the first call for papers (for workshop organization). The SC is currently selected abstracts for workshop organization submitted in the second call for papers.

    A great deal of freedom is left to worshop organizers : some have chosen "open" workshops (they expect contributions proposals to come through the website), other have chosen "closed" workshops.

    To propose an abstract in an open workshop, please read the corresponding page: workshop organizers's demands may differ.

    Open workshops

    Already closed workshops

    Conference Sessions

    The sessions organisers have been chosen by the scientific committee:

    1. Saussure and his legacyFrederick J. Newmeyer (University of Washington, Seattle, USA, University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, Canada)

    2. Origin of language and human cognitionAnne Reboul (Institute for Cognitive Sciences, CNRS, Lyon, France)

    3. The life, growth and death of languagesClaire Bowern (Yale University, USA)

    4. Phonology and MorphologyMarc van Oostendorp (Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    5. Theoretical and comparative syntaxLuigi Rizzi (University of Sienna, Italy, and University of Geneva, Switzerland)

    1. Semantics, pragmatics, discourse

      - Semantics-pragmatics Interfaces Kai von Fintel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) and David Beaver (University of Texas at Austin, USA)

      - Pragmatics, Discourse and cognition Laurence Horn (Yale University, USA) and Istvan Kecskes (State University of New York, Albany, USA)

    2. PsycholinguisticsUlrich Frauenfelder (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

    3. Sociolinguistics and multilingualismEdgar Schneider (University of Regensburg, Germany)

    4. Experimental and computational approaches to language and linguisticsEric Wehrli (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

    5. VariaStephen Anderson (Yale University, USA)

    Keynote speakers

    The keynote speakers have been chosen by the Scientific Committee:

    • Origin and evolution of language: W. Tecumseh Fitch, University of Vienna, Austria.
    • Pragmatics and cognition: Philippe Schlenker, Institut Nicod, Paris, France; University of New York, USA.
    • Neurolinguistics: Karen Emmorey, San Diego State University, USA.
    • Computational linguistics: Mark Johnson, Macquarie University, Australia.
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