International Conference and Expo on Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015 Hyderabad

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  • Bright International Conferences & Events Organization invites all the Pharmaceutical companies, CEOs, CSOs, Academicians, Industrialists to attend the International Conference and Expo on Pharmaceutical Sciences. International Conference and Expo on Pharmaceutical Sciences will focus on “Harnessing the current research in PHARMACY” and will be organised in Hyderabad, Telangana, India on August 3 – 4, 2015.

    PHARMACY – 2015 is well organized with the support of world class Organizing Committee and Editorial team of International Journals. International Conference and Expo on Pharmaceutical Sciences will strengthen co-​operation between relevant organizations and built networks between scientists, researchers, practitioners, students and business executives from around the world to discuss and share the latest knowledge in latest Science & Technology during this scientific gathering. We are confident that Participants will enjoy the Scientific Program of this upcoming International Conference.

    International Conference and Expo on Pharmaceutical Sciences organized by Brightice. Bright International Conference is one of the prestigious conference which is facilitated at renowned top grade venue “Leonia International Centre for Exhibition & Conventions”, Hyderabad, India, which provides congenial atmosphere with international standard amenities. We assure participants & attendees a moderate weather conditions of Hyderabad temperature which would make comfortable & rejuvenate to give the best performance in the international conference, can also exchange most valuable ideas & also get introduce globally, so we heartily welcome you to be one of the participant among the 1500 delegates across the globe.

    Conference Topics

    Abstracts can be submitted on any of the following sessions for presentations to individual interest, but not only limited to them.

    The intent behind this is to broaden the scope of the meetings by covering new developments. Additionally, abstracts with a primary focus on medicine are greatly encouraged and will be designated in the program as applied sessions. Register now for the conference by choosing an appropriate package suitable to you.

    Pharmaceutical Technology

    • Pharmaceutical formulation
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
    • Dispensing pharmacy
    • Pharmaceutical technology
    • Physical pharmacy
    • Pharmaceutical jurisprudence
    • Biopharmaceutics


    • Clinical pharmacology
    • Neuropharmacology
    • Psychopharmacology
    • Pharmacoepidemiology
    • Toxicology
    • Theoretical pharmacology
    • Posology
    • Pharmacognosy
    • Behavioral pharmacology
    • Environmental pharmacology

    Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy

    • Prescribing drugs and Administering drugs
    • Documenting professional services
    • Reviewing drug use
    • Preventing Medication Errors
    • Drug Information and Utilization
    • Drug Evaluation and Selection
    • Medication Therapy Management
    • Disease State Management
    • Application of Electronic Data Processing

    Pharmaceutical Importance of Photochemistry

    • Atmospheric photochemistry
    • Bioluminescence
    • Chronobiology
    • Photocarcinogenesis
    • Photochemical kinetics and Photochemistry of biomolecules
    • Photochemotherapy, Photochromism
    • Photoelectrochemistry
    • Spectroscopy of biological systems
    • Supramolecular photochemistry
    • Theoretical photochemistry

    Drug Discovery and Design

    • Molecular Characterization and Role in Drug Disposition
    • Bioactive Drugs Discovery and Design
    • Material Design, Synthesis or Processing
    • In vitro and In vivo Tests and Characterization
    • Discovery and Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals
    • Molecular Characterization and Role in Drug Disposition

    Technologies in Drug Delivery

    • Reservoir and osmotic drug delivery system
    • Colloidal and vesicular drug delivery
    • Medical devices and implants for effective drug delivery
    • Prodrugs and site-​specific drug delivery
    • Biomarkers in drug delivery system

    Manufacturing Processes and Pharmaceutical Engineering

    • Physical Chemical and Biological tests Thermal Spectroscopy Gravimetric Chromatography
    • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
    • Lean Manufacturing Improves Process Efficiency
    • Pharma Investments Reflect Key Industry Trends
    • Industry Takes Steps to Prevent Counterfeit Drugs
    • Comparing Manufacturing Process Options
    • Implementing Supply-​Chain Security

    Medical and Health Sciences

    • Medical Laboratory Technology
    • Nutrition & Dietetics
    • Food Science Technology
    • Microbiology/​Biotechnology/​Biochemistry
    • Medical Sciences

    Environmental Health

    • Food Safety & Hygiene
    • Environment & Behavioural Sciences
    • Occupational Safety and Health
    • Water Quality
    • Epidemiology & Vector Control

    Pain Management

    • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
    • Acupuncture and Light therapy
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy
    • Chronic and postoperative pain management
    • Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing
    • Chronic musculoskeletal pain including fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis

    Regulatory Requirements for Pharmaceuticals

    • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
    • Licensing in pharmaceutical production and Packaging materials
    • Pharmaceutical excipients
    • Role of pharmaceutical industry in both promotion and medical education
    • Intellectual property law for generics and innovator rights
    • Safety and Quality Regulation in Labeling
    • Patents in the pharmaceutical industry: Legal and ethical Issues

    Quality Management System in Pharmaceutical Industry

    • Food and Drug Safety
    • Quality Assessment for Pharmaceutical Products
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Pharmaceutical Development
    • Pharmaceutical Development & Quality System
    • Pharmacovigilance and Safety management
    • Benefit/​Risk Assessment during Drug Development
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