INFER Workshop on News and Fiscal Policy 2017 Brussels

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  • The INFER Work­shop on News and Fis­cal Pol­icy is jointly organ­ised by Vrije Uni­ver­siteit Brus­sel, Bucharest Uni­ver­sity of Eco­nomic Stud­ies and INFER, the Inter­na­tional Net­work for Eco­nomic Research on March 23, 2017 in Brus­sels, Bel­gium.


    This work­shop aims at bring­ing together experts in the analy­sis of news, fore­cast­ing, uncer­tainty and the role of expec­ta­tions in fis­cal pol­icy. The main pur­pose is to debate issues in the the­o­ret­i­cal and empir­i­cal analy­sis of expec­ta­tions in fis­cal pol­icy, and what new insights the lat­est analy­sis can deliver to policymakers.

    The work­shop cre­ates suf­fi­cient space for debate. Speak­ers get time to present their work; and assigned dis­cus­sants lead the debate. Panel ses­sions dis­cuss cross-​area approaches. Sep­a­rate rooms are avail­able for dis­cus­sion and col­lab­o­ra­tion between participants.


    Changes in the behav­iour of fis­cal and mon­e­tary pol­icy influ­ence beliefs about the way debt will be sta­bi­lized. Time con­sis­tent poli­cies that are bound by rules are just one of the pos­si­ble regimes. There have been large shifts in the pol­icy mix in eco­nomic his­tory. Exit­ing from cur­rent strate­gies might be com­pli­cated and not time-​consistent any­more. If poli­cies become locked in, and eco­nomic agents start to believe future changes are unlikely, the effects of fis­cal and mon­e­tary pol­icy may change. There are sub­stan­tial eco­nomic, polit­i­cal and finan­cial risks that put pres­sures on the con­tin­ued sup­port for a fis­cal and mon­e­tary régime. Gov­ern­ments and cen­tral banks may be forced to adopt poli­cies on-​the-​going with no option to reset those options later on. Fore­casts by agents may help to learn some­thing on the shifts of beliefs in one pol­icy régime or the other over time.

    Agenda /​Work­shop Set Up

    This work­shop pro­vides an oppor­tu­nity for all those inter­ested in fis­cal pol­icy, pol­icy regimes, fore­cast­ing, uncer­tainty, and the role of expec­ta­tions to dis­cuss their research and to exchange ideas.

    Day 1

    • Ses­sion A: Fore­cast­ing and Fis­cal Pol­icy, Chair: Javier Perez – Banco de España
    • Ses­sion B: News and Fis­cal Pol­icy Panel dis­cus­sion, Jacopo Cimadomo – Euro­pean Cen­tral Bank
    • Panel dis­cus­sion with Mar­tin Larch – Euro­pean Com­mis­sion, Paolo Onofri – Prom­e­teia and Jacopo Cimadomo – ECB


    • Ses­sion C: Uncer­tainty in Fis­cal Pol­icy, Chair: Gio­vanni Ricco – Uni­ver­sity of Warwick
    • Ses­sion D: Role of expec­ta­tions in Fis­cal Pol­icy – Keynote speech, Chair: Paul Hubert – Obser­va­toire Français des Con­jonc­tures Economiques — Sci­ences Po
    • Keynote speech by Cars Hommes – Tin­ber­gen Institute

    Con­fer­ence Committee

    Sci­en­tific Committee

    • Peter Claeys [Vrije Uni­ver­siteit Brussel]
    • António Afonso [Uni­ver­sity of Lisbon]
    • Wild­mer Gre­gor [Prometeia]
    • Andreea Stoian [Uni­ver­sity of Bucharest]
    • Camelia Turcu [Uni­ver­sité d’Orléans]
    • Sebas­t­ian Gechert [Insti­tut für Makroökonomie und Kon­junk­tur­forschung (IMK)]
    • Katja Heinisch [Halle Insti­tute for Eco­nomic Research (IWH)]
    • Wolf Hein­rich Reuter [Ger­man Coun­cil of Eco­nomic Experts]
    • Juan Manuel Figueres [Uni­ver­sity of Padua]
    • Sara Riscado [Euro­pean Commission]

    Organ­is­ing Committee

    • Peter Claeys – Vrije Uni­ver­siteit Brussel
    • Helena Sanz-​Moralez – Vrije Uni­ver­siteit Brussel
    • Nico­las Vam­vas Fer­ran­dez – Vrije Uni­ver­siteit Brussel
    • Diederik Kumps – Vrije Uni­ver­siteit Brussel
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