Inaugural European Conference on Literature and Librarianship (LibEuro) 2014 Brighton

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  • The Inter­na­tional Aca­d­e­mic Forum (IAFOR) in con­junc­tion with its global uni­ver­sity part­ners is proud to announce the Inau­gural Euro­pean Con­fer­ence on Lit­er­a­ture and Librar­i­an­ship, to be held on July 17 – 20, 2014 at the This­tle Hotel Brighton in the Brighton, United King­dom.

    Con­fer­ence Theme: “Indi­vid­ual, Com­mu­nity & Soci­ety: Con­flict, Res­o­lu­tion & Synergy”

    Con­flict is an inte­gral part of the human con­di­tion. The uni­ver­sal strug­gle between our per­sonal selves – who we are as unique, sep­a­rate and dif­fer­ent from oth­ers, with our spe­cific blend of expe­ri­ences, abil­i­ties, atti­tudes, aspi­ra­tions, needs and wants – and our social selves, intri­cately con­nected to, and inter­de­pen­dent on, oth­ers and our loved ones, our friends and favored groups, our com­mu­ni­ties and cul­tures – leads inevitably to inter­nal as well as inter­per­sonal conflict.

    Con­flict among our com­mu­ni­ties and soci­eties is also nat­ural, given that these groups are founded on com­mon­al­ity of geog­ra­phy, val­ues, atti­tudes, beliefs, aspi­ra­tions and dif­fer­en­ti­ated from oth­ers based on these. Diver­sity, how­ever, though it may lead to con­flict, plays an impor­tant role in the flour­ish­ing of com­mu­ni­ties and soci­eties. One of the chal­lenges of mod­ern soci­ety is har­ness­ing the syn­ergy that emerges from the inter­ac­tion of these dif­fer­ences. Lit­er­a­ture and the Arts and Human­i­ties have long fed off these dif­fer­ences and fric­tions to try and make sense of con­flicts through explo­ration of ideas, words, and artis­tic expres­sion. With the intro­duc­tion of the wide-​ranging 2014 con­fer­ence theme, the orga­niz­ers hope to encour­age and inspire excit­ing new research avenues, as well as fos­ter aca­d­e­mic and per­sonal encoun­ters, exchanges and syn­er­gies across national, reli­gious, cul­tural and dis­ci­pli­nary divides.

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    The 2014 con­fer­ence theme is “Indi­vid­ual, Com­mu­nity & Soci­ety: Con­flict, Res­o­lu­tion & Syn­ergy” in lit­er­a­ture, and the orga­niz­ers encour­age sub­mis­sions that approach this uni­fy­ing sub­ject from a vari­ety of per­spec­tives. How­ever, the sub­mis­sion of other top­ics for con­sid­er­a­tion is wel­come and we also encour­age ses­sions within and across a vari­ety of inter/​disciplinary and the­o­ret­i­cal per­spec­tives. For more details about sub­mit­ting an abstract, please scroll down the page.

    Sub­mis­sions will be orga­nized into the fol­low­ing streams:


    • African Lit­er­a­ture
    • Ancient & Clas­si­cal Literature
    • Anglo-​American Literature
    • Arabic/​Middle East­ern Literature
    • Asian Lit­er­a­ture
    • Children’s and Young Adult Literature
    • Com­par­a­tive Literature
    • Euro­pean Literature
    • Folk­tales, Myths and Legends
    • His­tor­i­cal and Polit­i­cal Literature
    • Indige­nous People’s/Ethnic Lit­er­a­tures & Minor­ity Discourses
    • Latin Amer­i­can Literature
    • Lit­er­ary Crit­i­cism and Theory
    • Lit­er­ary Practice
    • Lit­er­ary Trans­la­tion and Translatology
    • Lit­er­a­ture and Film
    • Lit­er­a­ture, Lan­guage and Identity
    • Lit­er­a­ture and Religion
    • Poetry
    • Man­u­scrip­tol­ogy, Tex­tual and Genetic Criticism
    • Mem­oir and Autobiography
    • Teach­ing Literature
    • Travel Writ­ing
    • The­atre and Drama


    • Cat­a­loging and Classification
    • Cen­sor­ship, Own­er­ship and Intel­lec­tual Property
    • Library Research and Development
    • Pro­tect­ing and Pre­serv­ing Librar­i­an­ship: 21st Cen­tury Prob­lems and Solutions

    Pub­lish­ing Opportunities

    Authors of Accepted Abstracts will have the oppor­tu­nity of pub­lish­ing their asso­ci­ated paper in the offi­cial con­fer­ence pro­ceed­ings, and a selec­tion of papers will be con­sid­ered for inclu­sion in the inter­na­tion­ally reviewed IAFOR jour­nals asso­ci­ated with the con­fer­ence. For more infor­ma­tion about the IAFOR Jour­nal of Lit­er­a­ture and Librar­i­an­ship and other jour­nals, click here.

    Inter­na­tional, Inter­cul­tural, Interdisciplinary

    The Euro­pean Con­fer­ence on Lit­er­a­ture and Librar­i­an­ship is orga­nized as part of a month long series of aca­d­e­mic events in the UK orga­nized by IAFOR. Those attend­ing LibEuro will have the oppor­tu­nity of attend­ing sev­eral other con­fer­ences held in par­al­lel for no extra charge:

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