Identity in a Multicultural Contexts

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  • Identity in multicultural world is one of the major problem of contemporary man.

    There are not cultures totally isolated from the others. Social groups and individuals are directly (through contacts with others) and indirectly (through the media, market products, ideologies and law systems) confronted with many problems associated with multiculturalism. This phenomenon evokes a specific type of challenges. Some theorists emphasize that multiculturalism gives a chance to develop potentially all identity projects. The others stress the risks inherent in multiculturalism that causes the lack of the coherence and stability of identity. There are taken practical steps of implementing the principle of multiculturalism by  some modern states. For researches of the nature and changes of identity multiculturalism is, above all, a major context in which different types of identity (ethnic, religious, local, individual) are shaped and expressed. Therefore it is important to reflect focus on different forms of the relationship between multiculturalism and individual and collective identities.

    The Department of Sociology of Culture organizes The International Conference “Identity in a Multicultural Context” in order to exchange ideas, results of investigations and experiences connected with the identity and multiculturalism. The Conference is being held on 24-25 October at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. We would like to invite scholars from various discipline to join to the debate on identity and multiculturalism.

    Topics of the conference

    The conference will focus on the following issues:

    • The experience of collective and individual identity in the multicultural context
    • Attitudes and strategies used by individuals, collectives and institutions to the phenomenon of multiculturalism
    • Coherence and stability of the identity in multicultural world
    • The role of institutions in the creating of relations between multiculturalism and identity
    • Positive and negative aspects of the multiculturalism in the shaping of individual and collective identity
    • Implementing the principle of multiculturalism in the different states and societies
    • Pluralism of culture in small groups (families, local communities, associations)

    Organizing Committee

    • Professor Dr Leon Dyczewski,
    • Dr Dariusz Wadowski,
    • Mgr Krzysztof Jurek,

    The selection of the Conference papers will be conducted on the basis of submitted applications and abstracts (up to 3500 signs in English) which should be sent via e-mail by September 24, 2011 to: Professor Leon Dyczewski (

    The schedule of the Conference will be sent to the participants by the end of September, 2011.

    The fee for the participation in the Conference – 200 Euro.

    Travel and accommodation expenses are to be covered by participants or their home institutions.

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