Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Conference 2011

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  • Hydrogen production, storage and utilisation - from nanomaterials to demonstrators

    Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies plays an important role in the Energy sector, especially in the automotive and domestic sectors. This is due to the fact that these technologies are efficient and non-polluting.

    This conference will focus on modern aspects and new developments of hydrogen, fuel cells and their applications and will cover the following areas:

    Theme 1: Hydrogen Production and Materials

    • Electrolysis
    • Reformers
    • Chemical (Thermochemical, Biochemical etc)
    • Other

    Theme 2: Materials for Hydrogen Storage

    • Liquid Hydrogen
    • Compressed Gas
    • Hydrides
    • Other

    Theme 3: Fuel Cell Research & Development

    • Fuel Cell Materials (catalysts, electrolytes, electrodes, bipolar plates, etc)
    • Fuel Cell Designs and Stacks
    • Fuel Cell Systems (Balance of Plants and System Integration)
    • Fuel Cell Modelling
    • Fuel Cell Manufacturing

    Theme 4: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Applications

    • Residential & Commercial Applications
    • Portable Applications
    • Transportation Applications
    • Demonstrators

    Theme 5: Hydrogen Safety Engineering

    • Safety of Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Distribution
    • Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles and Infrastructure
    • Hydrogen Safety Technologies and Devices for Indoor Use of Fuel Cells
    • Releases, Dispersion, Ignitions, Jet Fires, Deflagrations, Detonations

    Carefully selected Plenary and Invited lectures from distinguished researchers from all over the world are the core features of the hydrogen and fuel cell conference. The chairman strongly encourages participation in scientific discussions in a relaxed atmosphere as well as the participation of younger engineers and scientists.

    FULL paper deadline for the IJHE to be emailed to Dr. Bruno G. Pollet by Tuesday January 31st 2012 International Journal of Hydogen & Energy

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