Hegel's response to Kant - 30th International Hegel-Congress 2014

  • Conference Call
  • The Uni­ver­sity of Vienna and the Inter­na­tionale Hegel-​Gesellschaft e.V. are kindly invit­ing you to par­tic­i­pate in the 30th Inter­na­tional Hegel-​Congress 2014 “Hegel’s response to Kant”, held April 23 – 26, 2014 in Vienna, Aus­tria.

    Con­fer­ence Theme

    Hegel attrib­utes the estab­lish­ment of a phi­los­o­phy of spec­u­la­tive rea­son to him­self whereas Kant, accord­ing to Hegel, did not get beyond intel­lec­tual think­ing. From this point of view, research is ask­ing whether Kant’s or Hegel’s phi­los­o­phy is more valid nowa­days, but no con­sen­sus has emerged. From today’s per­spec­tive, Kant and Hegel are out­stand­ing wit­nesses of the his­tory of phi­los­o­phy, but, how­ever, of a his­tory which entails a sig­nif­i­cant sys­tem­atic power.

    Hegel’s phi­los­o­phy often refers to Kant implic­itly and explic­itly. Numer­ous con­texts of Hegel’s think­ing become more eas­ily acces­si­ble when the Kant­ian sub­text is revealed. But also, Hegel’s spec­u­la­tive think­ing is use­ful to dis­cover fea­tures of a spec­u­la­tive think­ing in Kant’s works, which one would not have expected. Elab­o­rat­ing Hegel’s ref­er­ences to Kant in order to gain a new under­stand­ing of Kant’s phi­los­o­phy is a main goal of the 30th Inter­na­tional Hegel Con­gress of the Inter­na­tional Hegel-​Society and the Uni­ver­sity of Vienna.

    The offi­cial lan­guages of the con­gress are Eng­lish, Ger­man and French.

    Con­fer­ence Sections

    • Phi­los­o­phy and System
    • Rea­son and Dialectics
    • Cri­tique and Speculation
    • Tran­scen­den­tal Log­ics and the Sci­ence of Logic
    • Epis­te­mol­ogy
    • Phe­nom­e­nol­ogy
    • Meta­physics
    • Moral­ity and Ethics
    • Aes­thet­ics
    • Anthro­pol­ogy
    • Phi­los­o­phy of Religion
    • Phi­los­o­phy of Law
    • Phi­los­o­phy of History
    • Phi­los­o­phy of Nature
    • Early Hegel as a Kantian

    Con­firmed Speakers

    Open­ing Lecture

    • Robert B. Pip­pin, Chicago – „Kant und Hegel: All­ge­meine, tran­szen­den­tale und speku­la­tive Logik“

    Ple­nary Lectures

    • Brady Bow­man, Penn State – „Reli­gion und Gewis­sen bei Kant und Hegel“
    • George Di Gio­vanni, Mon­tréal – “Reli­gion in Hegel as the lan­guage of the com­mu­nity about itself“
    • Dina Emu­ndts, Kon­stanz – „Hegels Kri­tik an Kants Idealismus“
    • Marco Haase, Bei­jing – „Von der respub­lica noumenon zur Wirk­lichkeit der sit­tlichen Idee. Hegels Staatskonzep­tion als Ent­fal­tung des kan­tis­chen Potentials“
    • Stephen Houl­gate, War­wick – “Hegel’s cri­tique of Kant’s con­cep­tion of cat­e­gories and concepts“
    • Anton Friedrich Koch, Hei­del­berg – „Kants tran­szen­den­tale Deduk­tion aus der Per­spek­tive der Wis­senschaft der Logik“
    • Jan­nis Pis­sis, Tübin­gen – „‘Zärtlichkeit für die Welt’? Hegels Antwort auf Kants Antinomienlehre“
    • Bir­git Sand­kaulen, Bochum – „Sys­tem und Leben: Kant und Hegel über die Seele“
    • Pirmin Stekeler-​Weithofer, Leipzig – „Es gibt kein moralis­ches Gesetz in uns. Hegels Kri­tik an Kants Ethik“
    • Renate Wash­ner, Berlin – „Kant und Hegel im Wider­streit um das neuzeitliche Denkprinzip und den Sta­tus der Naturwissenschaft“

    Grants and Finan­cial Support

    Aktion Österreich-​Slowakei /​Österreich-​Ungarn: Schol­ar­ships for short-​term visits

    Tar­get Group: doc­toral stu­dents, teach­ers and sci­en­tists of pub­lic or state uni­ver­si­ties and col­leges as well as sci­en­tists of an Acad­emy of Sciences

    Ben­e­fits: short study trip, con­fer­ence or con­tact meet­ing with col­leagues in the part­ner coun­try (max. 3 days), 90 € per day

    Con­di­tions: max­i­mum age 60 years.

    Appli­ca­tions are pos­si­ble con­tin­u­ously.



    Reg­is­tra­tion and Call for Papers

    For the valid sub­mis­sion of your paper and the suc­cess­ful reg­is­tra­tion for par­tic­i­pa­tion in the con­gress please take into account the fol­low­ing conditions:

    • Please sub­mit an exposé of your lec­ture, con­sist­ing of 1500 to 2500 char­ac­ters (spaces included), out­lin­ing your pre­sen­ta­tion in regard to the topic of the con­gress. Longer sub­mis­sions can­not be accepted. For a valid sub­mis­sion please put your name, the title of your pre­sen­ta­tion and the sec­tion out of the 15 offered sec­tions of the con­gress first. Your pre­sen­ta­tion should not exceed 20 minutes.
    • Please also sub­mit a short abstract con­sist­ing of 600 to 800 char­ac­ters for the con­gress book­let. Longer abstracts can­not be printed as part of the book­let. Later sub­mis­sions are welcome.

    Con­gress fees for the par­tic­i­pa­tion in the con­gress with or with­out a pre­sen­ta­tion in one of the sections:

    • The fee for the con­gress is 80 € for each person.
    • For mem­bers of the Inter­na­tional Hegel Soci­ety the fee is 50 € (please include a proof of pay­ment of your annual mem­ber­ship fee).
    • The con­gress fee for stu­dents up to the age of 30 years is 20 € (please include a valid stu­dent card).
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