European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-HEP) 2015 Vienna

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  • The European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-​HEP) is one of the major international conferences that review every second year since 1971 organized by the High Energy and Particle Physics Divison of the European Physical Society. The latest conferences in this series were held in Stockholm, Grenoble, Krakow, Manchester, Lisabon and Aachen.

    In 2015 the EPS-​HEP will take place in Vienna, Austria between 22 to 29 July, 2015. The conference 2015 is organized by the Institute of High Energy Physics (HEPHY) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology and the Stefan-​Meyer Institute (SMI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

    Scientific Topics

    • Accelerator R&D
    • Astroparticle Physics
    • Cosmology
    • CP Violation
    • Detectors and Data Handling
    • Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
    • Flavour Physics
    • Future Facilities
    • Heavy Ions
    • High Energy Astrophysics
    • Neutrino Physics
    • Non-​Perturbative Field Theory
    • Outreach
    • QCD and Hadronic Physics
    • Standard Model and Beyond
    • String Theory


    Proceedings will be published through Proceedings of Science (PoS). As you know – PoS – Proceedings of Science – is an OPEN ACCESS.

    We put no strict page limits. However, as a guiding value:

    Plenary talks: 12 pages
    Parallel session talks: 6 pages
    Posters: 3 + title pages

    International Advisory Committee

    • Torsten Åkesson (Lund, SE)
    • Nima Arkani-​Hamed (Princeton, US)
    • Ursula Bassler (IN2P3, FR)
    • Martine Bosman (Barcelona, ES)
    • Marcela Carena (Fermilab, US)
    • Gabriel Chardin (Saclay, FR)
    • Paul de Jong (Amsterdam, NL)
    • Umberto Dosselli (LNF, IT)
    • Fernando Ferroni (INFN, IT)
    • Daniel Fournier (Orsay, FR)
    • Maria Concepcion Gonzalez-​Garcia (Barcelona, ES)
    • Neville Harnew (Oxford, GB)
    • Rolf-​Dieter Heuer (CERN, CH)
    • Werner Hofmann (Heidelberg, DE)
    • George Hou (Taipei, TW)
    • Stavros Katsanevas (APPEC, FR)
    • Eric Laenen (NIKHEF, NL)
    • Péter Lévai (Budapest, HU)
    • Michelangelo Mangano (CERN, CH)
    • Victor Matveev (JINR, RU)
    • Patricia McBride (Fermilab, US)
    • Giora Mikenberg (Rehovot, IL)
    • Joachim Mnich (DESY, DE)
    • Felicitas Pauss (Zurich, CH)
    • Stefano Ragazzi (LNGS, IT)
    • Olaf Reimer (Innsbruck, AT)
    • Leonid Rivkin (PSI, CH)
    • Valery Rubakov (Moscow, RU)
    • Johanna Stachel (Heidelberg, DE)
    • Tejinder Virdee (London, GB)
    • Dave Wark (RAL, GB)
    • Norbert Wermes (Bonn, DE)
    • Masanori Yamauchi (KEK, JP)
    • Yifang Wang (IHEP Beijing, CN)
    • Dieter Zeppenfeld (Karlsruhe, DE)
    starting: ending: 29.07.2015 Location: , Category:


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