EAPRIL 2012 Conference: Creating competence - Innovations in Learning and Development

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  • EAPRIL is unique by bringing together those interested in the crossroads between research and practice and between professional learning and education. Theme of the 2012 conference "Creating Competences through Innovation in Learning and Development" fits perfectly in EAPRIL's basic idea of engaging practitioners, researchers and policy makers as problem-definers, evidence gatherers, and interpreters in research processes. The conference will take place in Jyväskylä, Finland running November 28-30, 2012.

    All professionals are unceasingly encountered by rapid changes which challenge our skills and competences. The increased demand for continuous professional development emerges from global economy, expanding technological progress, requests for more sustainable development concerning the environment and individuals, and the need to improve education and all these challenges within the context of Lifelong Learning. Transformations appearing in all fields of everyday life and business accordingly call for innovativeness in educational solutions.

    Promoting innovations is of special interest as education and research are expected to contribute not only to learning taking place within education but also to development in business and working life. The expectations focus on issues such as interlinking work and learning, raising entrepreneurship, constructing new jobs and better utilisation of developments gained. Generation of innovations is linking teachers, practitioners, researchers, scientists and students but also education with such practices as custom or employee driven innovations or Living Labs. Thus, also research aiming at enhancement of innovations should be designed to be conducted in a way not only of practice but also for practice.

    Examples of questions that can be addressed at the conference are:

    • How can practice-based and practitioner research contribute to the quality of innovative learning?
    • How can practice-based and practitioner research be organised to promote innovativeness for learning at work, for work and creating competences?
    • How can practice-based and practitioner research be involved in promoting innovative solutions for education and regional development? 
    • How can innovative solutions be commercialised by support of practice-based and practitioner research approach? 
    • How can the researchers, teachers and students in educational practices facilitate customer driven innovations? 
    • What are effective approaches to assure ownership of research in the professional field?

    We warmly invite researchers, practitioners, and colleagues to discuss, learn and share expertise and experiences within the innovative atmosphere of Jyväskylä as well as JAMK University of Applied Sciences where the practice-based and practitioner research and development is embedded within education.

    Conference Topics

    When submitting a contribution you will be asked to select a cloud and a contribution type which your contribution falls under.

    The twelve clouds are:

    1. Teacher Education

    2. Teachers' Professional Development

    3. Teacher Competence and Professional Actions

    4. Innovation and Learning Practice

    5. HRD and Workplace Learning

    6. ICT, Media and Learning

    7. Health Care, Social Work and Nursing Education

    8. Environment, Science and Engineering

    9. Economics and Legal Education

    10. Culture, Language and Arts

    11. Physical Education and Sports

    12. Practice-based Research and Inquiry

    The three contribution types are:

    1. Improving training/learning practice

    2. Contributing to theory

    3. Developing (educational) tools

    Keynote speakers (45 minutes)

    • Pasi Sahlberg Prof. Dr., Director General of National Centre for International Mobility and Cooperation (CIMO) (Finland): Keynote Abstract 
    • Frank de Jong Prof. Dr., Chair of EAPRIL and Professor of Education Stoas University of Applied Sciences and Teacher Education (The Netherlands) 
    • Patrick Belpaire, President of The European Training and Development Federation (ETDF) (Belgium): Keynote Abstract

    These speakers will have a timeslot of 45 minutes in the main conference room where they will present their keynote. More info about the content of the keynotes will follow soon.

    Q&A Session with the keynotes (60 minutes)

    During a time slot after the keynotes, participants have the opportunity to have a meeting with the keynote speaker to ask questions about the content of the keynote. The session will take place in a smaller room for a limited number of participants. Because we want to keep this session intimite and face-to-face, we would like to ask the participants only to attend this session if you have specific questions for the keynote speaker. During this session also parallel sessions in the other rooms are planned.

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