Digital Age and Society: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

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  • Due to advances in communication technologies, the world is witnessing major socio-economic and cultural changes. The impact of technological expansion and convergence is immense. Now, people across the world have endless opportunities and possibilities to communicate and get connected. New media has changed the way people perceive, reflect, react and interact with each other.

    There is no doubt that the rapid progress in new communication technologies has increased the possibilities for disseminating and sharing knowledge. Many claim that the ongoing information and communication revolution will empower and liberate people with infinite sources of information. On the other hand, the opportunities offered by new media and communication technologies are yet to reach to the masses. The disparity between those who have the means to access information and those who do not is widening. This phenomenon has created a ‘digital divide’ in the society instead of a ‘digital dividend’.


    The proposed two-day conference on “Digital Age and Society: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities” aims to develop a critical and informed understanding as is how information revolution has influenced society at macro and micro level. The conference also aims to discuss the key socio-cultural impacts of information revolution with special emphasis on changing patterns of teaching and learning.

    The conference proposes to have four sessions, namely: (a) an overview on the changing media dynamics and scenario, (b) impact of digital media on society, (c) digital media and education, (d) digital media and the media industry.

    The conference will be attended by academicians, policy-makers, media professionals and students.


    Conference Topics

    Papers may address, but are not restricted to, the following themes:

    • Digital Media and Mass Communication
    • Digital Media and changing patterns of Teaching and Learning
    • Distribution and Consumption of News and Information in the Digital Age
    • Marketing, Advertising and Branding in a Digital Era
    • Globalization of Media and Digitization of Media Content
    • Role of Public Service Media in the Digital age 
    • Impact of Digital Media and Societies and Cultures
    • Emerging ‘Digital society’ and ‘technological dependency’



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