Corporate Governance and Business Conference (CGBC) 2012

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  • The recent financial crisis has created an impression of a wholesale failure in corporate governance. Considerable debate has ensued and various practitioners, policy makers and theorists have endeavoured to discover whether this is symptomatic of deep seated problems or is the result of inadequacies in the regulative structure of the financial system. All who wrestle with this issue are aware of the need to encourage higher standards of corporate governance without endangering entrepreneurialism, innovation and wealth creation.

    This whole topic has caused considerable angst and debate between boards and shareholders. There is clearly no room for complacency in the areas of strategy and value-creation. Companies worldwide are now facing a raft of challenges and problems, many of which stem from liquidity and solvency in the global banking system. Increasingly the issue of Corporate Governance is one that warrants our attention. From the American Bar Associations Model Business Corporation Act to the Turnbull Guidance (2005) considerable momentum has been built up, a momentum added to by the Enron debacle and the vicissitudes of the Subprime Mortgage market.

    This Conference seeks to elucidate a wealth of issues not just related to Corporate Governance, but also business management and general business ethics. Contributions should therefore be of interest to scholars, practitioners and researchers in management in both developed and developing countries targeting a worldwide readership.

    Publication Opportunity

    Authors are invited to submit original research papers, case studies, reviews, work in progress reports, abstracts, students' papers or research proposals within the broad scope of the conference. All submitted paper will be double blind peer reviewed for consideration in the conference. Papers should follow the required style and format. All manuscripts should be professionally proofread before the submission. The best papers from the conference will be recognised and will be considered for publication in one of the journals, the Journal of Business and Retail Management Research (JBRMR) and the International Journal of Business and Economic Development (IJBED).

    Conference Topics

    • Leadership training and education
    • Transparency in government procurement/operations
    • Executive leadership
    • Market Microstructure
    • Legal safeguards and their role in Corporate Governance
    • Reforming corporate reporting
    • The interplay between the G4 and trade round implementation issues
    • Reporting structures in business
    • How trade facilitation is conceptualized and made operational in different emerging markets
    • The role of the Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM)
    • Accounting Disclosure Practices
    • Financial Reporting
    • The implementation of the "comply or explain" principle
    • The role of business in society
    • The incentives required to encourage more socially- and environmentally-responsible corporate action
    • The role and contribution of external (non-executive) directors
    • Corporate accountability in a media age
    • Issues of Intellectual property rights
    • Redefinitions and reassessments of corporate governance models
    • Regulation and competition
    • Role of International Law in business
    • The role and impact of local and international regulatory bodies and regimes on corporate behaviour.
    • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Risk Management
    • Earnings Quality
    • Structural readjustment
    • The linkage between international trade and overseas aid
    • Business ethics and legal issues
    • Business environment
    • Business policies, strategies, and performance
    • Business and retail research
    • Business security and privacy issues

    Please note that this list is only indicative of possible topic areas that contributors may wish to consider while they develop their papers for the conference.


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