Conference on Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education (2013)

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  • The ICLHE association is kindly inviting you to the third conference in Europe that specifically addresses issues affecting the interface between content and language in higher education: "Integrating content and language in higher education" (ICLHE 2013) hosted by Maastricht University, the Netherlands, on April 11-13, 2013.

    In the decade after the implementation of the Bologna Declaration in Europe, with its impacts across the world, the higher education landscape has changed radically, even if we do not always notice it. Universities are increasingly competing for students and staff. They are acutely aware of their relative rankings, and they are critically concerned about the delivery of quality education.

    In this landscape universities have been offering many programmes at bachelor's and master's level in other languages, especially but not only in English.

    • How successful are these programmes?
    • How do students access the content knowledge?
    • How does their language knowledge evolve?
    • How are the staff affected? And the universities as a whole?
    • What has research taught us?

    These are some of the questions that ICLHE 2013 is designed to address.

    ICLHE 2013, organized by ExHEM and Maastricht University Language Centre, thus focuses on the integration of disciplinary content learning and language learning affecting universities and other institutes of higher education worldwide. In particular, following on from the previous ICLHE Conferences in 2003 and 2006, it highlights research into issues affecting higher education learning through a foreign language.

    Conference themes

    ICLHE 2013 addresses key themes such as:

    • policy: how local, regional, national and supra-national policies shape the design and implementation of the integration of content and language in higher education
    • linguistic strains: the impact of the rise of English-medium instruction on the role of other languages and cultures in the higher education landscape
    • content: ICL and the access to content knowledge
    • language: the evolution of language competencies in ICLHE programmes
    • theory: theoretical frameworks for underpinning the integration of content and language

    While priority is given to research-based contributions on these themes, other contributions are also welcome.

    Goals and objectives

    ICLHE 2013 aims to bring together expertise on the integration of content and language in higher education. In this way, the goal is to collate and share good practice and the results of research in this increasingly important aspect of higher education. Proceedings will be disseminated through the publication of a book and via electronic distribution.

    It seems that higher educational programmes are often established through the medium of other languages, especially English, for reasons of such as finance, recruitment, socialization and culture. Reasons related to educational learning processes are conspicuous by their absence. ICLHE has always aimed to redress the balance and look too at the educational reasons for adopting   pedagogical and didactic approaches to the integration of content and language. Research that has been done is often difficult to retrieve.

    The objectives of ICLHE 2013

    • to identify good practice in the introduction of content and language integrated learning in higher education
    • to identify good practice in instructional design for integrated learning
    • to identify effective didactic techniques that promote the development of both content and language
    • to promote critical awareness of didactic practices in the local environment by stimulating comparison with practices elsewhere
    • to identify adaptations to both content and language learning that may enhance mono- and multi-disciplinary learning
    • to highlight the challenges to assessment and evaluation practices that integrated learning poses and to disseminate effective responses that institutions have developed

    The communications at ICLHE 2013 should provide sound evidence that can assist educationalists, academic teaching staff, and programme directors in establishing new integrated programmes and courses and improving existing ones.

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