Cancer Conference 2011 - From Carcinogenesis to Cancer Therapy

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    • There has been an explosive increase in our understanding of the genetic basis of human carcinogenesis in different tissues, and in our ability to exploit this for improved therapy
    • Most conferences in the field are divisive rather than integrative across these diverse subject areas - delaying the permeation of information across subject boundaries, and delaying the translation of scientific advances to clinical application
    • From Carcinogenesis to Cancer Therapy - will bridge these divides - bringing together leading experts in the mechanisms of carcinogenesis, with experts who have pioneered the technologies and approaches for their exploitation in new treatments
    • The meeting will draw together a small group of world-leading experts, with interested participants from academia and industry, in a format designed to maximize the discussion of new concepts and experimental results
    • From Carcinogenesis to Cancer Therapy - will include sessions that cover recent advances in oncogenic signaling and its intersection with tumour suppressive mechanisms, preclinical models for carcinogenesis and cancer therapy, novel approaches to therapeutics development and their validation in clinical trials
    • The high-quality conference venue not only provides excellent facilities for the meeting, but also ample opportunity for leisure activities, at a five-star resort in Punta Coral in the Playa Del Carmen area, seen as the main gateway to the Riviera Maya.

    Confirmed Speakers

    • Anil Sood (University of Texas)
    • Dave  Carbone (Vanderbilt Medical Center)
    • Dean  Felsher (Stanford University)
    • Frederic de Sauvage (Genentech Inc): Development of Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor for the Treatment of Cancer
    • Guilio  Draetta (Dana Farber Cancer Institute)
    • James Allison (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center): Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Cancer Therapy: New Insights and Opportunities
    • James Bradner (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
    • Jeff  Settleman (Genentech)
    • John Tainer (The Scripps Research Institute): DNA Repair complexes as keys to cancer initiation and interventions
    • Judith Varner (Univ. of Calif. San Diego)
    • Karen Cichowski (Harvard Medical School)
    • Ketan J Patel (PNAC, Medical Research Council)
    • Kevin Haigis (Massachusetts General Hospital)
    • Lee Zou (Massachusetts General Hospital): Sensing and Signaling DNA damage by the Checkpoint Kinases
    • Loren Walensky (The Walensky Laboratory)
    • Lynda  Chin (Harvard)
    • Matthew Vander Heiden (MIT): Altered metabolism to support cancer cell proliferation
    • Pier Paolo Pandolfi (Beth Israel Medical Center/Harvard Medical School)
    • Reuben Shaw (Salk Institute for Biological Studies)
    • Ron  dePinho (Harvard University): Genetic model of anti-telomerase therapy in cancer reveals DNA recombination and oxidative adaptive mechanisms 
    • Scott  Lippman (MD Anderson Cancer Centre)
    • Thomas Graeber (UCLA): Using phosphoproteomic profiling to delineate cancer signaling networks: crosstalk between Bcr-Abl and negative feedback mechanisms controlling Src signaling
    • Trever Bivona (UCSF)
    • Zena Werb (UCSF): New insights into mechanisms underlying a role for the tumor microenvironment in chemotherapeutic responses
    • Zoe Weaver - Ohler (SAIC at NCI-Frederick)
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