Asymetric Economic Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis (AFP 2012)

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    The Athenian Policy Forum (APF) in partnership with the Athens University of Economics and Business, the University of Piraeus, the University of Macedonia and the Center for Planning and Economic Research are pleased to announce the 11th biennial conference on the theme of “Asymmetric Economic Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis”.

    The focus of the previous 10 International Conferences of the Athenian Policy Forum has been the analysis of issues arising from economic asymmetries defined broadly. Information asymmetries have received a lot of attention, particularly in financial markets because naturally what is known by managers need not be known to the same degree by market participants. However, in economics, asymmetries may arise for a variety of economic reasons. For example, small firms in comparison to larger ones may face dissimilar risks, different financing opportunities and constraints, limitations in terms of technological opportunities and innovations and the opportunity to attract managerial talent. Countries also, may experience asymmetric economic opportunities because of their economic size, political stability, cultural factors and stage of economic development. Economic analysis and research needs to address these issues.

    This conference will continue the past tradition by focusing on the asymmetric consequences of the global financial crisis of 2007-2009. Although the global economy appeared to be recovering from the global recession in mid-2009, this recovery has been very uneven and characterized by continuous deleveraging, banking difficulties, serious sovereign debts, high unemployment and financial volatility.

    Conference Topics

    Topics of interest include:

    • sovereign debt
    • banking fragility
    • corporate deleveraging
    • asymmetries in macro-prudential regulation between countries with high and low developed financial markets
    • persistent high unemployment
    • challenges in the conduct of appropriate monetary and fiscal policies
    • national versus supranational regulatory systems
    • consequences of the Euro-zone financial crisis
    • the future of the euro
    • global monetary and fiscal stability
    • strategies to stop the immense increases in fiscal deficits and to regain fiscal stability
    • regulatory systems limiting world-wide contagion effects
    • regulatory measures to increase the soundness of the banks’ balance sheets and to supervise financial transactions between globalised banks
    • multiple equilibria in financial markets
    • wealth volatility
    • the behaviour of commodity markets and changes in leading currency markets

    Publication Opportunities

    Selected conference papers will be published – under the imprint of the APF press, after they undergo a rigorous (peer and publisher) refereeing process – in: (a) a conference volume or (b) The Journal of Economic Asymmetries (JEA) or The European Research Studies Journal.

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