8th European Stainless Steel Conference (ESSC) 2015 Graz

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  • The International Society of Steel Institutes (ISSI) was formed in 2006 to promote collaboration between national institutes and societies which are engaged in promotion knowledge in the field of iron and steelmaking, steel usage and properties. ISSI has decided to merge the European Stainless Steel Conference 2015 and European Duplex Steel Conference & Exhibition 2015. The 8th European Stainless Steel Conference 2015Science and Market and the Duplex Steel Conference & Exhibition 2015 will be held in Graz, Austria on April 28 – 30, 2015.

    The Conference aims at gathering and sharing information on all aspects of production technology of stainless steels such as hot and cold rolling, heat treatment and so on, among delegates with academic and industrial backgrounds. These developments will be linked to existing and potential applications and to other market-​related factors, in order to set orientations to guide future developments. Such an event, capable of bringing together manufacturers and users of stainless steel, will allow the comparison between the present and future needs of the latter and the former’s ability to satisfy these demands now or in the future.

    Duplex Steel Conference will be facilitated by sessions which will be solely dedicated to duplex stainless steels with a strong emphasis on new developments such as lean and hyper duplex stainless steels. The Duplex Conference part is a unique opportunity for experts and end users to discuss duplex stainless steels in-​depth. This part should be an interface between researchers and end users, providing an opportunity to have a very open minded exchange focused on this niche market.

    There will be highly technical presentations from universities and companies who are normally competitors coming together to exchange information openly. The conference program is abreast of the latest developments in control and automation, advanced process technologies and the continuing improvement of product quality.

    Steel metallurgical issues will be addressed as their physical and numerical simulation.

    The exchange of experience in operational practise, maintenance and first results from recently commissioned plants will complement the program. The conference aims to stimulate the communication among delegates with industrial and academic background and among participants in many conferences and new members of the Stainless Steel Community.

    The programme includes cocktail receptions and a conference dinner, held at the magnificent Locations in Graz.

    Stainless Steel Market Outlook Session

    Short and medium term perspectives of European stainless steel flat and long products. These issues will be broadly discussed inside the Stainless Steel Market Outlook session. The session will be organized by SMR (Steel & Metals Market Research) a market research firm specifically focused on stainless steel sector.

    Markus Moll – Managing Director will give a plenary speech on outlook for the global stainless steel industry with focus on Europe.

    SMR – It is expected the presence of speakers representing the most important European stainless steel association and reports coming from the big stainless steel companies. If you participate only in the SSMO you get a significant deduction of the conference fee.

    Technical Scientific Topics

    • Applications
    • Austentic stainless steel
    • Corrosion
    • Duplex Stainless steels
    • Ferritic stainless steels
    • Martensitic Stainless steels
    • Metallurgy
    • Oil & Gas applications
    • Simulation and Modelling
    • Surface properties
    • Welding

    Submission Guidelines

    The language for all presentations and submitted manuscripts is English.

    The abstract has to include the Title, Authors, Institution/​Company and about 300 words. Please use the following Abstract Submission Form.

    Here you will find the instruction for authors for the full paper contribution.

    Organising Committee

    Scientific Chairman

    • C. Sommitsch – Graz University of Technology, Austria

    Organisation Chairman

    • B. Hribernik – Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials, Austria

    Conference Secretary

    • M. Baumgartner – Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials, Austria
    • I. Scheiber – Graz University of Technology, Austria

    Scientific Committee

    • J. Charles – ArcelorMittal Stainless, France
    • C. Garcia De Andres – National Center for Metallurgical Research, Spain
    • B. Holper – Schoeller-​Bleckmann Oilfield Technology GmbH, Austria
    • S.-Y. Kim – Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
    • N. Kinsman – International Molybdenum Association, Switzerland
    • R. Kolleck – Graz University of Technology, Austria
    • T. Ladwein – Aalen University, Germany
    • M. La Vecchia – University of Brescia, Italy
    • H. Leitner – Böhler Edelstahl, Austria
    • R. Mesquita – Villares Metals, Brasil
    • G. Mori – University of Leoben, Austria
    • E. Ramous – University of Padova, Italy
    • I. Rommerskirchen – Butting, Germany
    • P. Zhao – Chinese Society for Metals, China
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