8th International Congress on Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine (BioNanoMed) 2017 Krems

  • Conference Call
  • We have the plea­sure of invit­ing you to sub­mit your sci­en­tific work for the 8th Inter­na­tional Con­gress — Bio­NanoMed 2017 – the exclu­sive Know-​How-​Transfer meet­ing for researchers, engi­neers, stu­dents and prac­ti­tion­ers from Nat­ural Sci­ences, Med­ical Sci­ences and Engi­neer­ing Sub­jects through­out the world tak­ing place on March 2022, 2017 in Krems, Aus­tria at the Danube Uni­ver­sity Krems.

    Invited Speaker

    • María Blanco-​Prieto – Uni­ver­sity of Navarra, Depart­ment of Phar­macy and Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Tech­nol­ogy, Pam­plona (Spain): “Nanomed­i­cines to treat Brain Dis­eases“
    • Ger­rit Bor­chard – Uni­ver­sité de Genève, Sec­tion des Sci­ences Phar­ma­ceu­tiques, Swiss Acad­emy of Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Sci­ences (SAPhS) (Switzer­land): “Physic­o­chem­i­cal Prop­er­ties of Nanomed­i­cines: What mat­ters and why?“
    • Mauro Fer­rari – Hous­ton Methodist Research Insti­tute, Insti­tute for Aca­d­e­mic Med­i­cine (USA)
    • Chris­t­ian Hellmich – Vienna Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy (TU Wien), Insti­tute for Mechan­ics of Mate­ri­als and Struc­tures (Aus­tria): “Engi­neer­ing Sci­ences Sup­port­ing Regen­er­a­tive Bio­Med­i­cine: Recent Accom­plish­ments“
    • Peter Lieberzeit – Uni­ver­sity of Vienna, Fac­ulty of Chem­istry, Depart­ment of Ana­lyt­i­cal Chem­istry, Chem­i­cal Sen­sors and Opti­cal Mol­e­c­u­lar Spec­troscopy (Aus­tria): “Mol­e­c­u­larly Imprinted Poly­mers and their Com­pos­ites in Detect­ing Clin­i­cally rel­e­vant Species“
    • Ste­fan Müh­le­bach – Uni­ver­sity of Basel, Depart­ment of Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Sci­ences, Vifor Fre­se­nius Med­ical Care Renal Pharma Ltd., SAPhS, Lyga­ture NBCD work­ing group (Switzer­land): IV Iron Nanocol­loidals: Why Ther­a­peu­tic Equiv­a­lence mat­ters“
    • Roland Pohle – Siemens Cor­po­rate Research, Munich (Ger­many): “Towards a Mobile Breath Analy­sis Plat­form: an Update on the Sniff­phone Project“
    • Adriele Prina-​Mello – Trin­ity Col­lege Dublin, Fac­ulty of Health Sci­ences, School of Med­i­cine (Ire­land): “Can­cer Ther­a­nos­tics: a Trans­la­tional Nanomed­i­cine Per­spec­tive“
    • Rajagopal Ramesh – Uni­ver­sity of Okla­homa Health Sci­ences Cen­ter, Can­cer Devel­op­men­tal Ther­a­peu­tics, Exper­i­men­tal Ther­a­peu­tics and Trans­la­tional Can­cer Med­i­cine, Small Ani­mal Bio­lu­mi­nes­cence Imag­ing Core, Stan­ton L. Young Bio­med­ical Research Cen­ter (USA): “Tumor-​Targeted Ther­apy against an RNA-​binding Pro­tein for Lung Can­cer“
    • Avi Schröder – Tech­nion – Israel Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy, Depart­ment of Chem­i­cal Engi­neer­ing, Lab­o­ra­tory for Tar­geted Drug Deliv­ery and Per­son­al­ized Med­i­cine Tech­nolo­gies (Israel): “Per­son­al­ized Nanomed­i­cines: Can­cer and other Dis­eases“
    • Ale­jan­dro Sos­nik – Tech­nion – Israel Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy, Mate­ri­als Sci­ence and Engi­neer­ing, Lab­o­ra­tory of Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Nano­ma­te­r­ial Sci­ence (Israel): “Poly­meric Micelles Sta­bi­lized by Drug-​Compatible Chem­i­cal Path­ways“
    • Mukhles Sowwan – Oki­nawa Insti­tute of Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy, Direc­tor of Nanopar­ti­cles by Design for Nan­otech­nol­ogy and Bio­med­ical Appli­ca­tions (Japan): “Smart Gas Sens­ing Plat­form for Bio­med­ical Appli­ca­tions“
    • Dim­itrios Sta­ma­tialis – Uni­ver­sity of Twente, MIRA insti­tute of Bio­med­ical Engi­neer­ing and Tech­ni­cal Med­i­cine, Fac­ulty of Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy, Depart­ment of Bio­ma­te­ri­als Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy (The Nether­lands): “Nanoporous Mem­brane Sys­tems for Pan­cre­atic Islet Macroen­cap­su­la­tion“
    • Jung Soo Suk – Johns Hop­kins Uni­ver­sity School of Med­i­cine, The Cen­ter for Nanomed­i­cine at the Wilmer Eye Insti­tute (USA): “Strate­gies to enhance Ther­a­peu­tic Gene Trans­fer to the Brain“

    Sci­en­tific Program

    The tech­ni­cal pro­gram of Bio­NanoMed 2017 will con­sist of invited lec­tures, con­tributed oral and poster presentations.

    Bio­NanoMed 2017 will high­light lat­est R&D results in the fol­low­ing areas of interest:

    • Advanced Nano­ma­te­ri­als for Bio­med­ical Applications
    • Regen­er­a­tive Nanomed­i­cine — Nan­otech­nol­ogy and Stem Cells (co-​organized by ESAO)
    • Nan­otech­nol­ogy for Detec­tion, Diag­no­sis, Imag­ing & Sensing
    • NanoPhar­ma­ceu­ti­cals — an Emerg­ing Era (co-​organized by Swiss Acad­emy of Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals Sci­ences — SAPhS)
    • Nan­oth­er­apy — a promis­ing step to Per­son­al­ized Nanomedicine
    • Clin­i­cal Appli­ca­tions of Nanomed­i­cine: Unmet Needs, Chal­lenges, Suc­cess Sto­ries & Fail­ures in Clin­i­cal Trials
    • Brain Tar­get­ing and Neu­ro­log­i­cal Nanotherapeutics
    • NanoSafety Imple­men­ta­tion in Nanomed­i­cine (co-​organized by EURO-​NanoTox & Nanomed­i­cine Aus­tria)

    We are look­ing for­ward to your submissions!

    Danube Uni­ver­sity Poster Award 2017

    Danube Uni­ver­sity Krems Poster Awards 2017 are granted to the three best poster con­tri­bu­tions (€ 400 for the first, € 300 for the sec­ond and € 200 for the third place).

    Posters will be reviewed by an inter­na­tional team of experts in the field of Nan­otech­nol­ogy and Nanomedicine.

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