7th International Conference of the Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS) 2012

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  • "Identity, image and social cohesion in our time of interdependence”

    The Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS) , regular and collective member of International Sociological Association (ISA) and European Sociological Association (ESA) invites scholars of sociology and other social sciences to the 7th International Conference, which will take place from 26th to 27th November 2012 in the city of Vlora, Albania.

    Conference Theme

    We refer to self-image as ‘identity’ and the image that others have for us, as ‘imago’: identity=self-definition; image/imago=imposed identity. The cultural and ethnic groups are very sensitive about their identity. And the positive perceptions of identity give rise to self-esteem and self-respect, but its negative perceptions give rise up to chauvinism: “we” are better than “they” are.

    There is a strong correlation between national identity and state stability. How are ‘the same” (from the Latin: identity = idem = the same) the people of the same nationality (nation, from nasci=to be born) within countries and in different countries? What about the other identities, such as cultural, professional, social, individual and so on? What about the social cohesion, meaning the social glue that holds societies together? How to measure the ‘indefinable’ (Durkheim) identity, image or social cohesion?

    To debate about these ‘critical themes’ of our time of interdependence and universal responsibilities, ‘when a new flu infects one human being all are at risk’ - the Albanian Institute of Sociology and its partners invite scholars from all over the world in this interdisciplinary conference about Identity, Image and Social Cohesion.

    We are looking forward to meeting you in Vlora, Albania next November, on the occasion of Hundred Anniversary of the Albania's Independence (Vlora, 1912-2012, 28th of November)

    Conference Topics

    Central Theme

    “Identity, image and social cohesion in our time of interdependence"

    Other themes

    (by AIS Thematic Sections)

    • TS 01: Communication, Culture and Arts
    • TS 02: Sociology of Population & Migration
    • TS 03: Sociology of Education
    • TS 04: Political Sociology and Law Issues
    • TS 05: Sociology of Religion, Collective Behavior & Social Movements
    • TS 06: Sociology of Marriage & Family
    • TS 07: Integration and Globalization
    • TS 08: Childhood, Youth & Gender
    • TS 09: Organizations, professions and Work
    • TS 10: Theoretical, Comparative & Historical Studies
    • TS 11: Deviance & Social Control
    • TS 12: Ethnic Relations, Human Rights & Collective Goods
    • TS 13: Economy & Development
    • TS 14: Social Security & Public Health
    • TS 15a – Bachelor Students
    • TS 15b – Master Students
    • TS 15c – PhD Students
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