7th EIASM Workshop on Top Management Teams and Business Strategy Research 2016 Groningen

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  • Top executives are among the most important decision-​makers influencing the strategy and performance of their organizations. The series of EIASM Workshops on Top Management Teams and Business Strategy were initiated as a specialized and focused forum where researchers could engage in constructive discussions about the relationship among Top Management Teams and the ability of firms to strategically respond to the challenges they face, as well as finding new opportunities for research collaborations.

    The 7th Workshop on Top Management Teams and Business Strategy Research carrying the theme “TMTS and Boards: at the Crossroad between Cognition and Context will be organised by the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) in Groningen, Netherlands on April 7 – 8, 2016 in collaboration with the University of Groningen.

    Keynote Speakers

    Call for Papers

    Research on top management teams (TMTs) and boards focuses on examining how they influence firm strategic decisions and outcomes. Traditionally, this research focuses on linking team and/​or individual characteristics to measures of firm decision-​making and performance.

    More recently, researchers have begun to focus on contextualizing the role of TMTs and boards in determining firm decisions and outcomes. Various contextual variables such as formal (law, regulations, quality of government) and informal institutions (culture, values, trust) have been considered as determinants of the way TMTs and boards are characterized and formed, how much managerial discretion they have, and how their members act and decide. Moreover, in the event that organizations are behaving in an international context, this research takes into account the differences in the institutional environment between home and host countries and how these differences influence decision making by TMTs and boards as well as firm strategic actions and outcomes.

    At the same time, part of the research on TMTs and boards has been directed toward researching cognitive and behavioral aspects of teams’ and boards’ decision-​making processes. Studies in this field aim at opening the so-​called “black box” to find out how interactions between individual team and board members affect decision-​making, team and board effectiveness and, ultimately, also organizational performance. Among other things, this research focuses on analyzing the importance of behavioral and cognitive aspects such as trust, conflict and conflict management, commitment, information sharing, reflexivity, etc. on team and organizational performance.

    Both emerging pillars of research provide interesting contributions to our understanding of the role and functioning of TMTs and boards within corporate governance. Yet, they also seem to develop relatively isolated from each other.

    The aim of this workshop is to open the discussion between proponents from both research pillars and determine to what extent their questions, methods, data, and outcomes are complementary or substitutes. Two keynote speakers will be invited to talk about their work in one of the two research pillars. Moreover, we will organize a forum discussion to moderate the debate between proponents of the two research streams to see to what extent their work is complementary.

    We invite researchers to submit papers that address analyzing the role of TMTs and boards in determining organizational strategic decisions and outcomes by either using a contextual and/​or behavioral approach. We particularly encourage submissions of papers that fall into one of the following domains:

    1. Literature reviews and state-​of-​the-​art papers that will encourage debate about the role of institutional and international context in TMT and board research and discuss theoretical and empirical challenges for future TMT research;
    2. Conceptual papers that combine different and novel theoretical perspectives to explain TMT and board characteristics and behaviors, taking into account the specific nature of the (international) context.
    3. Empirical papers contextualizing different TMT and board research topics:
      • TMT and board dynamics and behavior;
      • Role of institutions in shaping executives’ values and cognitions;
      • Interactions and power relations between TMTs and/​or boards in the home and host countries;
      • International perspectives on executive compensation, turnover and succession, etc.

    Workshop Chairs

    • Kees van Veen (Department of Global Economics and Management, University of Groningen)
    • Niels Hermes (Department of Finance, University of Groningen)
    • Reggy Hooghiemstra (Department of Accounting, University of Groningen)
    • Dennis Veltrop (Department of Accounting, University of Groningen)


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