6th WU Symposium on International Business Communication 2013

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  • "Discourse at/on/as work"

    The Department of Foreign Language Business Communication at the WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) is kindly inviting you to participate in the 6th WU Symposium on International Business Communication, held December 11-13, 2013 in Vienna, Austria.

    Aim of the symposium

    This symposium aims to explore work from a discourse perspective. Bringing together researchers with different theoretical backgrounds and methodological preferences, we are hoping to address a broad spectrum of issues related to workplace discourse, ranging from the micro-linguistic features of interaction to macro-level discursive patterns, and including both verbal and non-verbal dimensions.

    The three prepositions in the symposium title hint at the three different, if partly overlapping, thematic strands that we would like to see represented:

    • discourse as it unfolds at work (whether in formal meetings or informally around the water cooler)
    • discourse on (i.e. about) work (e.g., in media reports on unemployment)
    • discourse as work (cue 'emotional labour' in the service industries, for example).


    • Gerlinde Mautner (Institute for English Business Communication)
    • Martin Stegu (Institute for Romance Languages)
    • Renate Rathmayr (Institute for Slavic Languages)
    • Elisabeth Peters (Department of Foreign Language Business Communication)

    Symposium presentations

    Papers are by invitation only:

    • Jo Angouri – University of the West of England
      ‘We are a small team pretending to be a big one’ - Problem solving in family businesses
    • Deborah Cameron – University of Oxford
    • Ian Clarke – University of Edinburgh and Ruth Wodak – University of Lancaster:
      Micro-level discursive strategies for constructing shared views around strategic issues in team meetings
    • Alexandre Duchêne – University of Fribourg
      The dark side of multilingualism at work: Language "factories" and the taylorization of linguistic resources
    • Nick Ellis – Durham University
      Doing things with "work"
    • Chris Hackley – Royal Holloway, University of London
      The discourse of/in advertising agencies
    • Kerry Harman - Birkbeck, University of London
      Learning at work as embodiment and activation of discourse
    • Christian Heath – King's College London
      Creating competition: The interactional accomplishment of the sale of fine art and antiques at auction
    • Almut Köster – University of Birmingham
      Discourse at work: What is it and how can we study it?
    • Marek Nekula – University of Regensburg
    • Nelson Phillips – Imperial College London
    • Katrina Pritchard – Birkbeck, University of London
      Weary women: Re-constructing retirement in the 21st century
    • Svetlana Risinzon
      Cooperative strategies in communication with customers in small Russian companies
    • Britta Thörle – University of Siegen
      Carnival in the company: Organisational norms and their subversion in team meetings
    • Dennis Tourish – Royal Holloway, University of London
      Transformational leadership discourse
    • Rebecca Whiting – Birkbeck, University of London
      Baby boomers and the lost generation: On the discursive legitimacy of generations at work
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