6th IVI International Congress 2015 Alicante: Reproductive Medicine and Beyond

  • Conference Call
  • Following the success of our 5 previous IVI Congresses, ComtecMed Medical Congresses is pleased to invite you to the 6th IVI International Congress to be held in Alicante, Spain on April 23 – 25, 2015 at the Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante – ADDA.

    Our aim is to continue providing top-​level reproductive medicine congresses, addressing cutting edge topics in this continuously evolving field of human reproduction and offering the most reputable international speakers available.

    Congress Main Topics

    • Embryo time-​lapse
    • Genomics in human reproduction
    • Safety and quality in ART
    • Paternal inheritance
    • Mild stimulation protocol
    • Predicting implantation outcome
    • PCOS patients
    • Ovarian stimulation update
    • Innovative strategies for implantation & prenatal genetic diagnosis
    • Uterus transplant

    Presentations and Speakers

    • Ovarian tissue freezing: state of the ART” – Claus Yding Andersen, Denmark
    • Does endometriosis affect ART results?” – Pedro Barri, Spain
    • Routine diagnostic hysteroscopy in 2015″ – Stefano Bettocchi, Italy
    • Uterine transplantation” – Mats Brännström, Sweden
    • Endometriosis relates infertility: is it always necessary to operate endometriomas?” – Charles Chapron, France
    • Bioengineering the human uterus” – Irene Cervelló, Spain
    • Embryo Vitrification: clinical state of the art“ – Ana Cobo, Spain
    • Protocols for tracking and witnessing samples and patients in ART” – María José de los Santos, Spain
    • Basic concepts of risk management and risk assessment applied to assisted reproduction laboratories” – Dominique de Ziegler, France
    • Is the endometrium of women with endometriosis different?” – Thomas D’Hooghe, Belgium
    • Ovarian stimulation in 2015: Are we working in the right way?” – Bart Fauser, The Netherlands
    • New aspects of uterine fibroid treatment in human reproduction” – Daniela Galliano, Spain
    • Current status of fertility preservation in clinical setting” – Juan Antonio García-​Velasco, Spain
    • Biomarkers of embryo viability” – David Gardner, Australia
    • Preconceptional genetic testing: Towards newborns free of genetic diseases?” – Nicolás Garrido, Spain
    • Diagnosis of endometriosis in the 21st Century” – Linda Giudice, USA
    • Hippo signaling disruption and Akt stimulation of ovarian follicles” – Aaron Hsueh, USA
    • New infertility treatments of patients with primary ovarian insufficiency” – Kazuhiro Kawamura, Japan
    • Changing the paradigms in ovarian stimulation: What can we learn from luteal-​phase ovarian simulation?” – Yanping Kuang, China
    • Fresh Embryo Transfer, Deferred Embryo Transfer or Personalized Embryo Transfer – that is the question” – Nicholas S. Macklon, UK
    • Ways of selecting the right sperm for ART” – Con Mallidis, Germany
    • New research and future developments in non-​invasive prenatal testing”, “Preventing genetic diseases” – Julio Martín, Spain
    • New insights in ovarian stimulation and its application in infertility preservation” – Dror Meirow, Israel
    • Is there any alternative to invasive aneuploidy screening? Time-​lapse experience.” – Marcos Meseguer, Spain
    • Evidence-​based embryo selection techniques and methodologies” – Markus Montag, Germany
    • Micro-​TESE to improve ART outcomes in severe male factor” – Craig Niederberger, USA
    • Spermatogonial stem cell transplantation for male fertility preservation” – Kyle Orwig, USA
    • Nurturing and improving quality of oocytes in the IVF laboratory” – Laura Rienzi, Italy
    • Molecular analysis of chromosomal abnormalities in products of conception”, “Complete chromosome screening (CCS) of embryos: How, when & to whom?” – Carmen Rubio, Spain
    • Mechanism and reconstitution in vitro of germ cell development in mammals” – Mitinori Saitou, Japan
    • Endometrial regeneration: Stem cell therapy in Asherman Syndrome and Atrophic Endometrium” – Xavier Santamaria, Spain
    • Single embryo transfer with aneuploidy screening improves outcomes after in vitro fertilization: Obstetrical and neonatal outcomes” – Richard Scott, USA
    • Diagnosis and improvement of the endometrial factor: Facts and fallacies” – Carlos Simón, Spain
    • Risk and risk management in the cryopreservation of reproductive cells and tissues” – Mathew Tomlinson, UK
    • Medical treatment of symptoms: what have we learned?” – Paolo Vercellini, Italy
    • The maternal origins of adult disease-​The womb may be more important than the home” – Felipe Vilella, Spain

    6th International Fundación IVI Awards

    Since 2005, FUNDACIÓN IVI AWARDS in partnership with MSD, has provided a prestigious award to recognize and reward excellence in Clinical and Basic Research in Reproductive Medicine. The IVI Awards are dedicated to international candidates with the best peer review publication record of medical or scientific expertise, and who are continuing to drive fundamental clinical and basic research forward with the objective of improving patient care in Reproductive Medicine.

    The Award highlights the importance of scientific input in Reproductive Medicine and recognizes outstanding individuals who, together with their teams, are helping to broaden tomorrow’s scientific and clinical horizons in Reproductive Medicine.

    Congress Committees

    Honorary Presidents

    • Antonio Pellicer
    • José Remohí

    Congress President

    • Manuel Muñoz

    Scientific Committee Members

    • Jose Bellver
    • Juan Antonio Garcia Velasco
    • Nicolás Garrido
    • Antonio Pellicer
    • José Remohí
    • Antonio Requena
    • Carmen Rubio

    Executive Director

    • Antonio Requena

    International Advisory Committee

    • Aydin Arici, USA
    • Pedro Barri, Spain
    • Paul Devroey, Belgium
    • Sudhansu K. Dey, USA
    • Bart Fauser, The Netherlands
    • Marco Filicori, Italy
    • Martin Matthew Matzuk, USA
    • Renee Reijo, USA
    • Hugh S. Taylor, USA
    • Francesca Vidal, Spain
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